KO’ing PEOPLE IN THE HOOD 2015 – Funny Videos

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BIG DAWG says:

I’m waiting for the day when he gives gloves to a real boxer

Prank Files says:

Less running more punches! 

Philip Nyman says:

Thats one boring prank

Konner Johnson says:

People think they are bad ass ill fuck someone up 

dilzo999 says:

That fat nigga got all dat flab to protect him. 

Billy Thomas-LUFF says:

Lol 1 banged

im Jxseph says:

Throw more hands and quicker punches , you be punching like a pussy to be
honest :)

Nahuel Siviero says:

nobody is gonna comment about the audio?

Amine Bellal says:

K.O stands for Koala Orgasm

browngom says:

please do a knife fight next video

GR8GUY54 says:

Awesome! Keep it real n funny! Go deep in the communities…bring more and
keep us laughing. Dont be fake…we r watching.

Marvin Lazaro says:

You guys did it in oakland downtown im from here oakland

thuderboy35 says:

You and the gut in the red shirt looked like you guys were boxing in the

Lifting Is Living says:

3:32 that guy took it too serious

your boii Q says:

Pretty daring as a non-boxer

Josh Day says:

I’m nowere near as good as u

G3Apocalypse says:

Looks fun.

Johnathan Johnson says:



He only won once

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