Korean Fried Chicken – Bloopers

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Korean Fried Chicken is the best KFC in the world. Hear that, Colonel Sanders? We’re gonna show you three different kinds of Korean Fried Chicken and explain the differences, and wash it…

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HeyMelani says:

WRONG! Park Shin Hye was a food delivery person

Jessy Nedelchev says:

1:16 Simon’s like: “You have my attention.” :DDDD

LiasLoft says:

Simon’s dressed very well in this video. Very good layering

Alex Dood says:

*Knows Sign Language*
*Also wants to be an intern for Eat Your Kimchi*

mbm13213 says:

Hulalas has the best fried chicken but for the best meat ever, it’s the
Green Pork!

Norah Kate says:

From Toronto too!!! Love your vids i might go to korea this summer

Manon Fuchs says:

Ur videos are awesome! Can u guys tell me how to post pics on the android
app…I’m sorry for being a burden

Destroysall says:

Simons face when she says she’ll take off her shirt! haha

inexorablelove says:

What’s the best fried chicken store that I have to try? :)

Andrea Frantz says:

Your diet is paying off Simon! Lookin fly son. 

Jorge Flores says:

I’ll allow any diet breaking if it mean more videos like this!

VerdeGo says:

Am I a hipster for clicking on the bloopers first?
I try to follow in the footsteps of EYK, aka my hipster senpais. :3

Skankydave says:

I can not order beer with my chicken but can you get waffles with your
chicken? I can. :)

pollyyander says:

i love how simon said “and im strong” like a child~


… I think I need a deep frier.

Verky Jeonsel says:

Girl delivered food to me once, like a month ago. And that’s it for
delivery girls ;) And I can order beer with my food! :3

Erik Arikawa says:

Love these bloopers! Need more LEEEEEEE and SUZEEEEEEEEE!!!! Lol

Hannah Bowe says:

Your sign language skills are on point :)

candy orchid says:

Weird, both me and Simon’s shirt exploded from excitement..

TouchyBanana says:

I remember eating out at a Korean Fried Chicken restaurant in Korea (I
think it had a picture of a bird, either a pelican or a duck)

Money Panda says:

Thanks for breaking your diet for us! Lmao Also, loving the beard. I feel
like ‘Dothraki Man Warrior’ is more believable with a beard than without
one xDD
<3 you guise!

Brianna Parsons says:

Martina where did you get your sweatshirt 

MissAykare says:

Of course I can order beer with my chicken. I live in Germany I can order
beer to everything :D
It comes in glass bottles though. Beer in a plastic bottle is weird.

clarissa davila says:

Martina and Simon please tell me what that plastic container is with those
white squares in juice?? I have seen it a lot but have no idea what it is??

Rinae Tong says:

she forgot how to use a fork already beside chopstick xD normal

Toxic0788 says:

Simon I love you to death but the beard HAS GOT TO GO!!!! Especially when
you guys are doing food videos! lol I miss your clean shaven face. 

Melissa Alnardo says:

As a loyal Nasty I demand the return of Music Monadys !!!

JustJ says:

Haha. I can never wear white shirts because I’m so terrified of food
dropping on it. XD 

Ray Hunt says:

Can’t wait to come to S. Korea!! I’ll def come by the café to get some of
those food destinations from you guys!!! Uggghhhh you guys make me so

Calida says:

RAAAWWWRRR I’m drooling and is like 1am thought now T___T

Tony Arellano says:

Signlanguage is impeccable :-)

eazzypeezzy says:

“Simon the traditional sign languagist” WTF is that even a word???
Shouldn’t it be sign linguist?

Lauren Henderson says:

in Australia its not common but if you order pizza from some places you can
also order alcohol ive only seen it in my home town but two places do it. 

Luccia Berolatti says:

I want to see skinny Simon!!

Mari Fuentes says:

“I’m a grown ass man and i’m strong!” XD
Hi Martina, I Love your outfit! :D

x0Hamtaro0x says:

When you guys ask about female food delivery people, are you asking about
in general or just in South Korea? Because I’m from the US and I’ve
definitely had pizza delivered by a female before :o

grassina3 says:

I think the only person who loves fried chicken more than Simon is Onew lol
he LOVES chicken

Marisol Ontiveros says:

I love both you guys! :D 

Emma Hoppe says:

The girl in Coffee Prince got by as a delivery person by looking like a
guy, didn’t she?

vivianareyes76 says:

I was a delivery girl :D at a pizza place named Pizza Inn and trust me the
tips were awesome! Delivery girls at that job always had more money than
the boys :3

Maddie Montgomery says:

The chicken looks delicious!!… Love u guys

Chloe Thorp says:


Laura TheFanGirl says:


Aza Za says:

does the delivery option make it easy for underage kids to get alcohol

phatimaphabulous says:


dmuze says:

Love the cartoon drawing of Meemers! I need a jpeg!

Charlotte D. says:

I live in England and I have never seen a female delivery person either!

sheranime says:

Thanks Simon for breaking your diet.

John Barrett says:


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