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New year! Old Kronos! This is Wms gaming Kronos slot machine super huge big bonus win. Recorded after retrigger. You will be hearing my opera singer friend. He might do my big win voice…

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The Shamus Of Slots Super Slot Fan Site says:

Hey … great opera … and great hit! Linked from Player’s Life! Happy
New Year, Blueheart! This is a great way to get it all started! All the
best to you, your family, and your opera singing friend in the new year! 

Casinomannj - Creative Slot Machine Bonus Videos says:

Awesome win Blue. Such s tough game. Glad you got something nice on this
one. Congrats. 

BrentWolgamott says:

Would love to hear more from your opera singer friend! ;-) I love the way
he talks. 

buckolaci says:

Wow, fantastic win. It’s funny how it ended up coming out to exactly
$1,000. Happy New Year Blue, keep winning and keep singing 

ShinobiYT says:

No surprise…new year, same huge wins for you! Congrats Blue! 

Catherine P says:

Wow Blue, great hit! Congrats! Thanks for sharing.

Onan Mabry says:


Carl says:

sees thumbnail first – wonder how much u won >_!

Albert's Slot Channel says:

Hah! On the money a cool $1k win! Congrats! And I enjoyed the opera singer

sauropod says:

Happy New Year. Now that is a nice win . Better than a hand pay where you
have to pay Uncle Sam his share of your winnings. Good luck to you and win
win win

shawn meshell says:

i got 4 bonus hits than 3 respins it paid me 18 dollars what a crock

Pam E says:

I love the intro and opera. I would sang soprano if it would help. LOL
thanks for sharing.

coffEKolor says:

When I saw that MVP “score” I had to click!…Loved “The Voice”….and last
but not least….Congratz!

Curry Head says:

LOL, An opera singer singing and tax free $1000 nice Bravo, B-R-A-V-O!!!!!

David Slot Win excitement says:

enjoyed the winning singing too haha. 1000 exactly well how about that!
nice bonus. i hit 486 on 1.20 stake on kronos last week and felt too lazy
to film it that night haha.
it didnt bonus me for an hour until it coughed up. so unpredictable this
game! enjoyed your double hit!

Carl Jones says:

how much do we have to spend to win 

almis009 says:

Awesome!!!! Very nice win Blue. Love your opera singer Happy
New Year the best to you and your family.

Jarison Johnson says:

Nice one ..AWESOME! !!!! good play

Mystery69 says:

very nice Blue! Also a fan of mister opera background singer haha

hotforslots says:

What a great bonus. I think it is an excellent idea to have your friend do
the big win voice celebrations. Make sure you bring him!! Happy New

ramona girl says:

thats hilarious we never hear from you but we hear singing from your friend
awesome video

Azzho916 says:

Dont be like me bro I hit 50k yesterday and gave it back the next hr lol

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