Le Zap de Spi0n n°259 – Epic Fail/Win Compilation March 2015

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Enzi95 says:

Repose en paix Kenji c’est horrible d’avoir perdu un Spionneur.
Ca doit être dure Spi0n

Actionminers says:

mention spéciale a l’ouvrier motard :,D

Mama Huana says:

10:45 please link do this oryginal movie!

Aullah says:

5:43 Yes, yes yes… NOPE NOPE NOPEEE

Méchant Boris says:

4:15 : Amiral Akbar!

bbaaaalll says:

that was great! merci beaucoup!

Soft Kitty says:

La bouffe + le canon d’une arme qui vient de tirer, c’est pas forcément une
bonne idée :

Aullah says:

3:11 fukin douchebag

erik99286 says:

What is the song of minute 10:44?

Limane Boukar Limane says:

6:51 it’s like a battle between Goku and Vegeta! LOL

GoboBierfraktion says:

Am I the only one who realised the year, the video with the double tire
lose , says 2016

Josh Dyer says:

That guy who knocked the racer off the bicycle, what is wrong with some

Mouhahaha93 says:

Mort de quoi ? Si jeune … RIP

pikaportes1 says:

repose en paix copain

SkyAngel says:

Eheh premier

Jean-louis Lebeul says:

Désolé mec

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