Le Zap de Spi0n n°260 – Epic Fail/Win Compilation March 2015

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Noob TV says:

19:18 C’est une Koenigsegg Agera R est non pas une Bugatti Veyron
22:12 “J’ai les même à la maison”
22:48 C’est tout ce que mérite le machin de chez Apple

MasterMonology says:

Jabba at the end :o

Viktor Ekholm says:

Does anyone know where i can find the song at 15.41? thanks

Invexpo says:

25:00 XD the best 

Tyler Christiansen says:

14.45, and blacks wonder why ther the most hated race. Apes evolved from

Junior Ribeiro says:

19:50 HUEHUEHUEHUE , é um desgraçado ” ala o moço , caiu de novo, segura
moço” neim pra desce do carro BRBR

Xerdi says:

Polend !!!!

Crippa Tolono says:

Anyone knows who the beatbox guy is? Where can i find more about him?

John Morgan says:

Bugatti Veyron? 

Daniel Jones says:

2 things, its not a Bugatti, its a Koenigsegg, and could do with some
subtitles for those who dont understand french

Jerome Joannes says:

C’est pas une Bugatti Veyron !!!

jeremy buisson says:

Énorme des barres de rire 

Sebastian Santana says:


loic durieu says:


Crash Nicolas says:

A 19:20 il y a erreur ce n’est pas une Bugatti Veyron mais une Koenigsegg
Agera R

Jack Jenks says:


♥ G33KST4RRS ♥ [Chaîne Gaming] says:

Wath’s the sont at 8.40 please ? 

ALEXANDER klein says:


TheOfficialHauntex says:


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