Lone Wolf Awesome Reels BIG WIN (Coushatta Casino Resort)

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a BIG WIN on a $2 bet playing the Lone Wolf Awesome Reel slot machine at Coushatta Casino Resort on 12/1/2012.

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After taxes or their fee, how much did you bring home?

Josh j_b22 says:

Dude I’d be screaming…….New house here I come!

Liberty Justice says:

I didn’t think you could win that much on a penny machine, and with only a
$2.00 bet !!
I am sure this is extremely rare !! Congratulations !!!

doddi1984 says:

Most of these videos I’ve seen posted up here are titled as a BIG WIN when
it really is a very mediocre one.

Finally found a video that deserves the title of BIG WIN!!!! That is one
MASSIVE win you got there!!!

Congratulations on that one!!!

jirka merunka says:

2 dollars on a spin? How much would you win if you played 5 or ten dollars
or even more if you can…

Jase E says:

Wow unbelievable! Were you using your players card with this jackpot?

Cuba Vegas says:

I agree low roller..the most unbelievable slot video..tried wolf everywhere
after that..lost my shirt never got a big win not even a hand
pay..everytime we played it we lost $2-3-400..never had luck..i meqn had
burst but nothing major..most hundred plus on burst..money guzzler.

Antonio Garza says:

3 more for full screen? how much will it pay for full screen?

Fr Louie Goad says:

Do some good with some of it.

yaggle52 says:

…and this is how the world ends. very nice

KrazyyK69 says:

I wish I could win big

Hank Hill - Assistant Manager of Strickland Propane says:

Damn, someone was watching over you that day. Most i’ve won gambling was
50$ from a scratch ticket lol

Debbie Deutsch says:

Probably the most excited guy I have seen win a big jackpot like this.
Heck. If I would even win 500 dollars I would be screaming. Good for him.
Why say sorry in the videos? You’re time to shine. 

PatZockt! says:

Aweeeesome Vid!!! Nice one really.

David Z says:

always fun to see someone hit like that….congrats!!!!

Rick W. says:

I can’t stop watching this. EPIC

skorpyo33 says:

Did u put it all back?

*_* EDUCASINO *_* Slot Machine Channel *_* says:


Matthew Alex says:


cgtigrad says:

Way to go buddy!! Way to go!!

Charles Clayton says:

stopped by to watch this video again haha.. love it

giannidu71 says:

2 dolar bet… ollyyy shit 34 k ^^

tmckinsey79 says:

One of these days, one of these days…… Congrats again, amazing win!!

dratelectasis says:

Judge…. I’m curious, what did you initially land before the burst?

CASINO WINS by Blueheart says:

Just got my #5 jackpot on this game. Check it out everyone.
This win so still very inspiring. And a dream for everyone to hit. 

*_* EDUCASINO *_* Slot Machine Channel *_* says:
Missouri Slots says:


klinetejay0143 says:

Well this is my 7th time watching this video i cant stop about once a month
i look for new video and i always come back to this one just one more time
i watch alot of video a few times over an over casinomannj,brent wolgamott,
o my god o my god ma come see lmao,vegaswildcards,desirae krogman the best
slot hits,kbr420 blueheart,dproxima lol,i guess thats how its spelled and a
few more but this keeps my day going at work love the videos keep them

gilliamjf says:

sexy win lol

Doo Little says:

how many times do people have to ask how much he won? read the credits,
it’s amazing how much a penny machine can pay.

kimberly cole says:

awesome win!!! cheers to you!!!

x2029 says:

10X on last reel and there should be a text “there you go, leave now and
buy yourself a new home”.

josiewyn says:

i have never seen anything like that congrats

Patrik Josefsson says:

Your parents didn’t teach you well it’s mot “my god” its “oh my god”,
reapeated over and over anover and over

Myrna Esteban says:


regs19casino says:

I could watch this over and over!!!!!!! Great win!!!

billfromwi says:

One in a billion. I bet the slot is in a scrap heap.

jessica tm says:

One day i hope

f Bentson says:

minus 28% that’s close to 25K net. not bad.

Aaron Baker says:

the tax man has seen you


insanity congrats never seen this before

EnglishAttack says:


Bee Emm says:

Incredible win!!!! Holy Sh**!!! Congrats on this.

I just started watching YouTube videos of slot machine wins last couple of
weeks, I have been playing slots for about 5 years now. But…. Omfg. I
have never seen anyone win anything like this on a $2 bet!!

I have seen a $39K win on New Year’s Eve 2 yrs ago but it was on a $1 denom
Valhalla machine and that was a $14 bet.

How I dream of hitting something like this. I wanna start recording my slot
adventures too, security is so tight at my local though. I’ve seen them
refuse to payout for people who have even just taken a picture of their
wins. Which is bs IMO.

VegasLowRoller says:

I have to watch this at least once a month, it’s just that good. God,
what a great video/win.

billy raine says:

At Hollywood Casino Kansas a guy won $24000 on tiger realm 2 (or whatever
one is the awesome burst game) on just a 40cent bet!! holly gaga

Lisa Flores says:

and I thought I was a bad ass when I won 12, 000 total in one night on two
different machines.. I bow down to you…

Slot Machine Videos by DProxima says:

I love love LOVE this win. Truly amazing. :)

Chris Holguin says:

Aaaa…aa….uuuhhhh…AHHH man I just came again to this video!!! I’m
talking bout the WIN, not the men lol.

rockie9182 says:

Awesome keep on wath this over And over . sweet

Joan Henry says:

Cant get it instaled to play HELP

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