Lucky guy cashes out winnings at Vegas casino. MUST SEE!!

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Amazing video of lucky guy cashing out a massive win in Vegas. He gets emotional on camera.

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Shoot1ngStar says:

Least he walked out with 4 cents… I walked out with nothing!

Stephanie St.Benedict says:

Lmao! U are too funny! :)

amazinbroxi says:

Lucky bastard

AryanKnight1488 says:


smurfarooney2003 says:


DrinkoolaiDs says:

4 pennies , nice man! LOL

Theepicperson says:

Hahahahahahahahaa that’s so funny

Jack Finney says:

Waste of 20 seconds of my life but thanks

zanzilfire says:

Casinos are for having fun, not making money, so you really did win after
all :)

ShittyGamer says:

So proud 

Alex Lanser says:

More than I walk out with…

rich man says:

lol loser

ip looney says:

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