Magic Door Prank

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MagicofRahat says:

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mafijaspravi says:

americans have such low iq

thesheepthatwentmooo says:

This video was aDOORable….

TheHappy_P0tat0 says:

Those damn black holes.
Everyone’s talking about them…

BabyJennyy says:

“Some kind of black hole my wife was talking about” LOL.

TheGroucho66 says:

The trick would have been easier if he had used a black hole.

Willy McBent says:

Wow, not advertising some shit product this video?

DualWield Katana says:

lol best prank you’ve had in a while

Edge Snob says:

I would immediately have followed him to another dimension myself.

IIsYouAndYouIsMe says:

are those people just stupid

Hinz Zimmler says:

Do this prank in the hood. The thugs will have an epic reaction. “Yo
Tyrone, A Indian dude just disappeared through that door. Sh*t Dog, i must
be tripping”.

Kresinite says:

how did so many people not check the wall that would have been the first
place i would have looked

7topseven7 says:

like this if you want him to do his old drive thru pranks i miss them so

SatanistSin says:

wtf is wrong with people? They see something they don’t understand and they
walk away? For real, wtf?

Kieran Mcelroy says:

This is an actual prank no one got hurt and there wasn’t idiots trying to
pick up girls in a rented car

YouJustGotAnimated says:

To be honest, if that was me I would immediately run to the door hoping
it’ll take me to another place.

Crock Bezlar says:

Lol i would of been way better if he dressed up as a fucking alien or a

asm2641 says:

hey there
have a good day

L BS says:

would have been nice if you told us how to do it at the end, not at the

PhilParle says:

Someone’s been watching Being Human.

TreyPrankz says:

I’m sick of your demonic black magic, Rahat! Awesome video tho!

MattTheMan2708 says:

Surely if the door was open for that long then they’d get a tad suspicious.

Struck Ju says:

Imagine a jesus freak seeing this 

elandys84 says:

Isnt this video brought to you by *IKEA* or something? 

nathan tesfamicael says:

Welcome to the 301 club how unoriginal are you

zodiac says:

dude ur pranks are truly amazing! so creative! 

Dank Man says:

door takes too long to close

Nori Takei says:

Do that prank while going through a drive thru…. like.. like.. the car
opens the door and disappear! yea. yeah That would do it!

kamrul says:

how the fuck are people falling for this? there is clearly a wall right
next to it! a better idea would be to put a hole to hide in 

Ivan N says:

this is a magic trick? Houdini is spinning in his grave

Walker Fiamma Corsa says:

*Black hole*

ThatDudeOnUtube says:

“That black hole my wife was talking about” lolll he accepted the fact you
vanished almost right him and his wife probably spoke about it
during dinner then watched Law and Order and went to sleep.

Prank Files says:

Your so good at this!!

Maaz Ahmed says:

Black Hole xD

Setsudan Bliss says:

Kind of shameful how oblivious people are to such a blatant hiding spot
right next to the door. Do people really have such poor observation skills?
It makes me question the average person’s very self awareness.

Nellie Duggan-Haas says:

you bothered to actually click “read more” :D

MagicofRahat says:
Rich Ferguson says:

Epic bro! 

Herbie Stacy says:

Repent of all of your sins Rahat. Pray to Jesus and ask him to forgive you
of all of your sins. Please brother. Then live for him with Love and
forgiveness for all humans. Staying away from sin through daily repentace.

Reign Xo says:

“NOPE.” * Picks up shit and leaves*


shaun heron says:

That first chick…… that mouth looks so inviting.

Aaron Treno says:

That first person was totally a tranny

scott hayes says:

I love how people in the comments hate on America while using everything
invented by America to do so. Your welcome for the internet, Apple,
Microsoft, Google, Youtube, and Facebook just to name a few.

emre turk says:

black hole! abahahaahah 

Pistolero's YouTube Сhannel says:

Нужно было еще так картинно ноги вытирать перед входом =)

Teh Black Ninja Productions says:

You should have also done it in reverse and pretend you’re leaving :D

Will Marshall says:

I’m a YouTube Troller
should I kill myself?

Kakarot says:

Haha this is good!

josue marquez says:

Im over here thinking of monsters inc. While some ppl are saying black
holes and dimensions

How To Basic says:

NARNIA BITCHES!!! Everyone knows narnia..

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