Marine wins 2.8 Million Dollar Jackpot

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Corporal Alex Degenhardt of the Marine Corps winning 2.8 Million Dollars from a slot machine at the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas.

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inyourgenes says:

“$2.8 million…..and he’s single…..”
As that’s the only way to attract shallow American women?

JgHaverty says:

He is unbelievably calm, I would have started throwing shit haha 

Marck Beat says:

Him winning prob made 100 people spend thousands more dollars

JesusFrank says:

I never win anything, sometimes id like to kill myself

joedavila19681 says:

2.8 million isn’t even close to putting his life on the line for this
country. Way to go Marine! 

Anthony Smith says:

That’s freaking amazing!!!!! Congrats. WOW!

sythlorde says:

did somebody say they had an orgasm ??

Christina Cook says:

I won a $6,000 jackpot a couple of weeks ago as well!

kyle7412 says:

I would have taken that check and ran away from all the cameras. I dont
want my face posted everywhere after winning that large of an amount of

Greg Gallacci says:

About the only thing I can say is “OoooRah!”

Andrew123456789076 says:

0:09 Subtitles: “mothafucka english though”

Tyler Lohmann says:

I think this is an underexaggeration… If I won that much I’d be crying or
passed out of happiness. It’s odd on how they are mildly cheering like they
are, over 2.8m…..

Carmelo Longo says:

The big big win.
Welcome of the paradise winners ….

Apollyon says:

That would be nice in ones bank account! I hope he invested it well and not
at the casino at this very min trying to score it again. But this is in
Vegas… In Canada any winning is a gift and tax free.. How much would you
say he had to pay? Was this right off the amount at the casino or end of

tehf00n says:

And he had his pick of bitches to suck his dick that night. grats !

Steven Whiting says:

Am I the only one that thinks his mates are happy because they are hoping
they get some.

Bboy Darts says:

That is incredible!


Proof that they actually hit amazing!

WizKid says:

18 year old kid hit 1.1 millions off 10 bucks on a 3 dollar bet on his
first spin last night. Comanche Nation Casino-


Congrats Devil Dog. Spend the $882,808 and keep the $2M for the 25 years is
$80K a year. For 50 years $40K year. You are set to live a comfortable live
just be smart about it. 

Robert Kakur says:

if i was him id go buy house then give money to my mum dad and brother buy
both grandparents from mum and dad a holiday worth lots of money then id
buymyself m5 sport 2014 then buy iphone 5s or 6 if it came out buy tht for
my mum dad and freinds and uncle then id go and dnate like 500.000 thousand
to hospital and charity then id buy good furniture and buy my mum driving
lessons and car and buy my dad new car

EagleSoul says:

Whoever played just before him must be so mad

Maggot life says:

Hopefully I can post army guy wins big lotto soon

Eric West says:

What’s with the guitar? Did he need that to play? 

mock15halo says:

2.8 Million! He won 2.8 Million!

lady- 5 dollar?

Afanlynness says:

do you need to pay tax??

Jez2008UK says:

He seems so super cool about it – I can’t get over that.

Smah Smahtin says:

Marine wins 2.8 Million Dollar Jackpot:

Nikkay says:

lol I’m having a hard time understanding why he’s so calm. If that was
me…. everyone in a 50 mile radius would hear me. I would be flipping out.
I just went to a casino for the first time a week ago and flipped out over
winning $150.. was on a .30 bet though. He seems like a really good guy and
he’s a marine so he deserved it, grats to him! 

Doobie Doo says:

Name of casino in video description was altered just FYI. Motivation to do
that? Hmm…

ed's quit cigs by vaping says:

Congrats man!! Thats amazing! My heart was beating fast watching, i’m
visualizing actually being that person, must have felt so damn good! Way to

Chronosphere Steen says:

she just wanted that moneyxD

Sean Atkinson says:

Couldn’t have happened to a better fella..a US Marine deserves all he and
his buddies get. Thanks for everything you give the free world(yer jammy

Someday Soon says:

I’d be shit scared of other people trying to claim it, however i’m sure
they have cameras in there! LOL

Adi Jayanto says:

hi, i’m cousin. gib moniez.

Wong Andy says:

How did he do it?

Sigmund Freud says:

i hope this guy realizes how much 2.8 million dollars is worth. That much
money right there is a life changer. 

The jupiter says:

He’s lucky it”s a big reputable casino. You wanna watch the “big” payouts
here on youtube where the casino does not pay and calls the win “an
electrical error”.
Their local gambling commission will not even hear the poor winners

sgtstreetmeat says:

I wouldn’t of gotten off my seat until the check came in my name…

Keiter76 says:

If that’s a casino, why is there a woman walking with a small child? I see
her around the 4:13 mark. I thought under 21 and you’re banned?

Stephanie St.Benedict says:

Lucky man! He was betting $2 a spin and then…wow!

lukaszaz says:

thats amazing

William Hall says:


Alex No last name says:

God does things for a reason, and in this moment, I am grateful he shined
some light down on one of our soliders. 

John OReardon says:

Con glad from Ireland. Jon

sammi stack says:


Steady Lux says:

Am i the only one who is listening to the ignorant comments around the guy
that won the money? Someone actually said ” You are like god right now” And
then we wonder why society is in such shitty conditions. Its the people
that create their own shitty condition. Money is not the root of any evil,
people are the root of all evil but we all know we have a problem accepting
blame so we place the blame on something or someone else. P.S i’m happy for
the guy that won the money hopefully he invests it well and makes more of

Matt says:

holy fucking shit 

Senf automat says:


Jarred Monzones says:

how do I claim the money i win and i got 20million

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