Matt Lauer Revenge Pranks Ellen DeGeneres! | TODAY

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Ellen DeGeneres has pranked Matt Lauer over and over again, and he swore to get even. After weeks of plotting, Lauer launches “Mission: Revenge” and stuffs 20000 pingpong balls in her…

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Cookie Royale says:

I feel sorry for the poor schmucks who have to clean up these rich people’s

Deuce Bigalo says:

Fake! She just happen to guess the exact number of 20,000?

Dany NBA says:

How did she guess the exact number of balls lol.?

sranjesuper says:

how did they open her sunroof when you need the key, and how did she
“guess” there was 20,000 balls?

DareToBeDeviant says:

Even with professional service to clean all that up I’m betting it’s like
sand. Just when you think you got the last of it out there’s always more.
Every week she’ll be finding another ball the cleanup crew missed.

theseeyasuckashow says:

Ping pong balls in a car? That is way too cliche.

Ant says:


snipewa4 says:

…only time Ellen’s been on her knees with balls in her face?

(I love Ellen but I had to lol)

Amanda Christine says:

That is a lot of Ping Pong Balls! Will you or did you donate those? I know
places like the Habitat ReStore in La Crosse, WI could sell them to raise
funds to build homes. :) (Yes, I happen to work and volunteer for that
charity!) Seriously, I hope you can donate them to someone. :)

Morgan Veal says:

How did she know it was 20,000 balls? Plus there are better pranks out

Shae Nas says:

Lol this was pretty Good.

MaxTheKanuck #JoinTheMasterRace says:

So… Are we just supposed to believe that she just happened to have left
her sun roof open? And have that ironic vanity plate? And “guess” the
amount of balls perfectly? 

Sarahnessoyeah says:

I’d jump through the sunroof and swim through it.

Wayne Fraser says:

I like the vehicles that are on the set of the “Warner Brothers Studio’s”.

dexterous dexter says:

Ellen can’t park

Archie Wei says:

That’s well done? You 5?

FVNT0M IIX says:

This is exactly the same as John Krasinski’s prank on Jimmy Kimmel… not
very original…

Brandon Morris says:

Thats what I call an old man prank.

Meghan Chenoweth says:

oh man…matty lauer…best of luck. George Clooney moved his office bc of
Ellen’s wrath. Lmao…this did take a LOT of BALLS!!! Well played, lauer.
But you’re screwed…HAHAHA!!!

Speed Devilx says:

genius…but….oh god….you take on the prank queen….not a smart

Dozer eyes says:

the prank would be telling her SHE has to clean up the mess.

sasclom2 says:

I love Ellen but he could’ve done better. It’s ironic that he got her back
the day she said he isn’t doing anything!

Jessica Harmon says:

I feel bad for matt Ellen is gonna get him good

Waqas Ali says:

I wonder where he got the key from, or why would someone leave their roof

Asif Harun says:

She drives a Porsche – a :)

Pablo Zamora says:

how did she know it was exactly 20,000 balls? hmm

Almighty Rocko says:

Great actors! :) 

Arliss Caruso says:

Should have filled it with uncracked eggs. 20,000 eggs.

Derpyolo says:

i love the prank but you know… you’ll be missed and I promise to attend
your funeral… or if your a love of The Giver, i will see you at your
releasing ceremony 

Lorraine Stewart says:

Very ballsy, indeed. Good one, Matt.

Dani E says:

Ping pong balls inside the car? Really? That’s the best payback he could
come up with?

I can’t wait for Ellen to strike back!! 

datgurlky1 says:

They’re flirty. He’s blushing. She’s giddy. Mm hm. ;-)

ctrix23 says:

her license plate is lotta balls???

Joshua Walsh says:

You should probably hide now Matt. And why does Ellen keep her roof open??

Levi Mueller says:

I guess you could say…
…the ball is in her court now!

Dee Beverly says:

But he had a car service for her and someone to clean it up.. Sooo…..
that pretty much tells you what a great guy he is. 

Coach Amelie says:

shoulda put packing peanuts as she’s got a phobia of them!!!

prankerstv says:

Fakeee how can she know the exact number

pustiu tudor says:

I do not want to think that ellen prepare for Matt Lauer 


Isn’t this the news?

issac banks says:

+Chris Louttit
this is dang funny ha ha ha

Christina Loh says:

Matt, use styrofoam the next time.

Nicholas Grava says:

Two of my favs.. Watch @MLauer prank @TheEllenShow

Yassess Leves says:

Nice Try Ellen!!!

Himynameisart says:


Brandon Henderson says:

Awesome Prank xD


Am not saying it’s fake, but it’s fake. 

Greg Levendoski says:

that was a Classic Lauer!

Kingcraft_AdamJ says:

East Coast VS West Coast

TG tv says:

Hey I prank my GF dude come see how I do if you LIKE SUBSCRIBE!!
But thumbs up tho!!!!

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