Minecraft Skyblock SMP #4 “FARMS AND FAILS” w/ JeromeASF

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In this episode we build a few farms and fail a whole lot! My server IP: hub.TheNexusMC.Com Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t done so already! Follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/#!/Jer…

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ace-of-aces says:

Jerome!!!! Here is a quote from the Minecraft Wiki! “When bone meal is
applied to a mushroom, the mushroom has a chance to grow into a huge
mushroom, provided that it has enough space and that the light level is
dark enough.” That may not help, but also, “If planted on mycelium or
podzol, they can stay planted in any light level. Both brown and red
mushrooms grow at the same rate regardless of light level.” You have
Mycelium that you got from the Nether. Hope this helps!!!!!

alex tortoledo says:

Jerome i cant see the video your nose is covering it 

PartyPossum17 says:

I have personally fell in love with Jerome, not because of his looks or
anything like that (although he’s pretty good-looking cx) but because..
Actually I don’t know why I fell in love.. Maybe it’s because one (or all)
of these things about Jerome:

1. Charming
2. Bootiful
3. Funny
4. Hilarious
5. Fluffy
6. Good sense of humor
7. Happy
8. Fails at most things x3
9. Loud.. Lol
10. Friendly
11. Handsome af
12. Cuz he’s Jerome Aceti
13. Lovable
14. Random
15. Rages a lot lol
16. Loves chicken
17. Is a benj’s best Bac
18. #merome
19 #thepack
20. Great commentator
21. Colorblind
22. Simply because he is himself and who can’t love Jerome and if you say
you don’t love him, your lying.

-Party and all your fans

Ruby3023 says:

Under 301 party!!!!!

Sonic The Hoodlum says:

Is it me or should facecam on Jeromes videos always be a thing?

JeromeASF says:
Melissa Tiamzon says:

Is lachlans last name actually power CUZ on his Instagram it’s Lachlanpower

Obama says:

A joke for you:
Mom: where’s your underwear Timmy?
Timmy: it’s under thfhdjnenkcappfvpnkwdnpkcnkorjnbnjs
Mom: Under where?
Lol get it?

mackenzie ludwig says:

Anyone else super excited for Jerome’s tv show he’s staring in I’m freaking
out I recorded it and screamed to no one cause no one can here me… IF
out cause it’s tomorrow and I started laughing cause I hurt myself on
accident then I thought of how weird I am then I smiled cause I thought of
Jerome and laughed cause of his failing

dmwbro Noel says:

yeah 3 mins ago!!!!! and 28 views!!!!!!!!!

MARKNUTT553 says:

Is Power actually Lachlan’s last name? 

Nicholas Turbett says:

Keep doing facecam!!!

Mallory Anderson says:

Jeromes face when he relzes that Lachlan lost a brown mushroom! lol

VulxaniSolas says:

Okay, honestly. You’ve been playing this game for how many fucking years,
and you don’t know how to pick up melon and pumpkin seeds?

Dude, I could look up that information in seconds. SECONDS. That’s all it
would take you to figure it out, and yet you consistently fail to do so.

Nerdtasic Fandom says:

me:tell that to fan fic writers on wattpad 

GameNinjaGN says:


Declan The Legendary Rayquaza Gaming says:

36 like and I DONT CARE

DistantEcho says:

I see Jerome reverted back to a Mac…

DatKatGoesMeow says:

at 11:19 Jerome was just like ” OH RLLY ” XD

Mackenzie Shelton says:

In order to make a gigantic mushroom you have to place it in a water source
block. Then bone meal it.

Mineboltz says:

13 hours ago

*ASF Jerome*
I love potatos

ThatGuyFromCleveland says:

I just remembered chimneys old skyblock series then he made sunblock
ultimate they didn’t even finish the series, I miss it and the crazy thing
about that series is at the end of the vid they all Said will pick this up
tomorrow and then there was just no more episodes after that :( I think
they probably lost the world

Zeneeba Pyra says:

it is super funny how people known for makin minecraft videos screw up on
basic minecraft stuff XD


Hey Jerome why can’t you make a video about you reacting to your old videos

Nolan Doherty says:

If you look closely when Jerome peeked in the mob spawner and jumped out
the brown mushroom wasn’t there so it wasn’t lachland it was a mob

YkFlare says:

Jerome make a gold farm! Just make a mob spawner/grinder in the nether and
zombie pigmen will spawn and u just kill me and get gold^^ hope u see this
and hoped it helped! 

MrGameplay556 says:

Jerome I can see ur last name on twitter

TheAwesomeEvil says:


tayach chch says:

It is mean to say I can’t see the video because your nose is in the way

Nils Meyers says:

Put a torch on the grass block that’s In the farm so a melon/pumpkin
doesn’t grow on it and get rid of the grass

Camden Paolucci says:

Is it just me, or is Lachlan really weighing everybody else down? Like
really, you don’t make a farm in a mob grinder, where entities step on them
and break the plants. Seriously wondering if he has common sense…

Madison Gunderway says:

Do attack of the b team

Bacccaking 176 says:

Jerome you can use fence to controls where they go i did it before it works

Crystal Catalo says:

Remember when you griefed mitches sky block

CocoAndMarckey TheGamingChannel says:

melon seeds don drop if you break them

Zelda sixeightnine says:

When ppl in the comments say “Jeromes nose takes up the whole screen”


Keaten Harris says:

Well something new to say instead of revive asf. We now have rejoin asf

Young Volcano says:

my gosh Jerome is hilarious XD facecam is awesome, by the way! :)

Harry Barry says:

2:28 Mitch sounded like kick foley mankind just listen to mankinds voice
and you will get exactly what I mean

Nicholas Richlen says:

Is Lachlan’s real last name “Power”?

Jonathon Dennings says:

Can this become an everyday thing? I love all your series

Quang Dang says:

you can make a gold farm in the nether

BigBuffaloMC - Minecraft says:

I cracked up when mitch said “so inside of Lachlan’s butt” XD

Tyler Worley says:

You can get wheat seeds from grass blocks and tall grass

anton9893 says:

+JeromeASF Could you make a video/vlogg on your setup and computer specs?

James Cowen says:

Ha, now when you go in the house it means you are going in to loclands but

austin Gordon says:

The reason banter house won was Jerome and MITCH forgot to put the link in
the description so mainly lachlans fans voted 

Hannah Marshall says:

Poor Jerome is treated like a 5 year old :( 

KraZyKatT says:

Why don’t you play with Ashley anymore? :p

Anthony Di Santo says:

An Endy probably took the mushroom 

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