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OG Brohammed says:

m8 this is far from a jackpot lmfao

Jason W says:

and this my friends is the start of a horrible life changing gambling
addiction. Playing exactly into the what the casino wants. Odds are not in
your favor, keep playing and you will eventually lose your house and family
if you are gullible enough. The feeling he got in this video is EXACTLY
what everyone chases in gambling, it will ruin you. You’ve been warned!

LordOfNoobstown says:

when your video lasts 8 min and you clicked on the spin button once

Alfons Schuhler says:

dont say fucking god you retarded gaylord junkie

charly tkachuk says:

This guy is fucking stupid. You’re mommy is calling you downstairs for
dinner and to take medication

john branski says:

There is something really wrong with you

thebluetarp says:

Where are you? In your basement or something?

WILLEM says:

Bro facking baas! I love them slots too, haha. Als je keertje samen een
slots video wil maken let me know men! U got a new sub!

Casino Tricks says:

Lmao nice but even i won more in my videos.

Delano C says:

A lot of people really feel the need to add a negative comment. So sad..

Mel Jon says:

Don’t smoke crack before playing slots.

bogdan i says:

what a cocksucker

panzer waffen says:

LMAO I don’t wanna see your reaction at a real casino lol

Colin Toft says:

Is there some thing wrong with this guy or is he just trying to be annoying
even at the start

Jamie Scarlett says:

your trying way to hard dude settle the fuck down

Echo 9970 says:

Well that was shit you had all them spins at 10x and you only won just over
300 that’s terrible I would be very disappointed if that was me.

VoltRax says:

people say that slots make you lose all your money….. watch this full
video than….

Jerry Andrews says:

Do some more drugs u fucking retard

Cloud-nine says:


pinoypapapizza says:

Sdguy wanna be… dramatic!!!

J.Cizevska Jelena,Cizevska says:


Ozgur Babo says:

Via waar kan je dit spelen?

Rilind Reshitaj says:

You suck

Magic.Am says:

are u retarded this is not a jackpot

GamerguyAustralia says:

That was crazy!! Congrats bro!!

Poppy Leigh says:

This had me giggling so much

OtsoTukiainen says:


Simon Böhm says:

This dude is High AF

Finnagan Plumley says:

Hahhhaha that was awesome man :) I couldn’t resist the Subscribe button.
That was a hoot…

tara H says:

are u on drugs tho lol

yani argirov says:

at the end you completle screwed the machine wenn you start TO
TOUCH….rookie mistake…wenn something works DONT FUCKING TOUCH ;)

iTRiCk3Y says:

this is the reason YouTube sucks. because of bitches like you uploading
stupid shit

Jonny Mckeown says:

How can anyone get through life ACTING like a child. One of the most fake
people I have ever seen. Thumbs down. Don’t show me content from this gay

Mdogg20 says:

I don’t think that was a jackpot.

Fran Patterson says:

How much was the total bonus win in American dollars?

bigglu12 says:

fucking Psycho

Oxycontin Gucci says:

Learn English you fucking maggot what you won was just what some poor mug
lost you dumb cunt kill yourself

Mel Jon says:

who acts like that, what an idiot.

Peter Durrant says:

no need to swear so much its not macho but well done

Billybill Scrapper says:

Great win dosent happen often with only .90 euros bet in american dollars
it’s .90 cents

which can win thousands on grand jackpot win or a major.

NOTICE he only had .03 left after betting that .90 that was pure luck with
no money left to make a spin.

Wonder if he cashed out most of winnings leave like $50 euros in account.

X Amish says:

Fucking faggot

Jonny Chapples says:

so cute

Nathan Rodgers says:

Annoying as fuck.

Prusti says:

Well. What happened to me was i deposited 10 euros to a online casino. 1$
bet first spin and this exact same thing happened to me. It just kept
rolling and rolling and lasted like 10 minutes and won 348 euros with that
one first spin.

Akakakak semale says:

That is a good example of the method they use to get you addicted to
betting. 300euro is nothing.
dont gamble.

Queenofheartss says:

how much did he win in american dollars ?

Mr. LuisD says:


C Crutcher says:


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