NBA Bloopers: The Starters

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There were plenty of mishaps this weekend in the NBA, but if you didn’t see them, The Starters have you covered. Watch The Starters weekdays at 630ET on NBATV or get more of them on their website: …

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Its24x says:

Harden Nutthuggers look here. James Flopden Averages 8 FGM per game and 10
FTA per game. 600+ FTA this year so far. Behind him is Russel Westbrook
Statfillerbrick with 400+. Harden top 3 in turnovers. Your little Harden
hero beard boy won’t last in the playoffs when he gets crushed by a
experienced playoff team. Just look for yourselves. You’re buddy old refs
won’t be half as lenient come the postseason. Lmfao then I hear MVP chants.
I laugh so hard. He actually thinks flopping will make him great. Today’s
NBA is already a pussy league. Harden isn’t helping, he’s making it worst
and more of a problem.

jdollar1 says:

I just don’t understand how people enjoy this show. PLEASE tell me
something that’s good about this show. They are not funny, and when their
show comes on they just tell us the obvious shit we already know.

Randy Bobandy Bobanis says:

Wheres LeBrons game tonight?

Rishab Singh says:

So what was Stephens curry sniffing? Is the real question…

Robert Ramos says:

They’re wondering why the ref went down after being hit by the ball??

M.C.L. & Deon says:

steph tasting his arm had me dyin! haha. and then the guy at the end. “oh
wow you really are blind” = the most annoying thing you can say to a person
who wears glasses lol

Junior Collantes says:

2:23 nice body shape… Mmm,… 

Josh L. says:

‘Harry the Hawk flew in for some back-up,’ pun game strong lol

lphjustin says:

0:31 Illuminati confirmed

ZeonWatches says:

Burn those clothes…

Ryan Kimberly says:

Some hardcore fuck boys

GALILtheRealDeal says:

0:31 chick I would bang 10/10

Tiara48z says:

For the record Stephen doesn’t drink so get your facts right before you
start saying things you don’t know 

ninjaguy123 says:

Dog Rivers? lol

I hope nobody takes it as a racist joke.

2 idoit Brothers says:

Hey guys I have a youtube called 2 idoit brothers and I was wondering
if.someone could check out pls

innoware cwk says:

am i the only one watching traci b?….dat ass tho

ryross80 says:

Who d fck are these retards ?

Steven Huang says:

What’s up with Lopez and mascots lately….

Jaay Cervantes says:

2:23 those legs … damn !!!

Carshity Melo Lapsap says:

I see a bunch of justin bieber talk shit there

Arturo Tadeo Geraldo Quirós says:

Stephen and Kyrie that history

OnlyJ3r3my says:


NYC PradaG says:


McWC_Oficcial says:

We want fights 

דביר גייר says:


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