New Epic Fail Compilation 2013 – The Most Extreme Funny Fails Videos for 2013

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The Funniest “Fail Compilation” New for 2013 – Watch the Best of the “Best of Fails” Wrapped Up into one Awesome Fail Compilation for you to die laughing to….

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WJ Cooke says:

Its funny not gay

Stacey Boots says:

Bloke In the second clip omg do the whole song pleaseee Ningnaningnaningnaning mr hooly hooly hooly

jalfrezimonster says:

Set of tways

spirt12wolf says:

from 11 seconds to 41 seconds you guys are gay

Sumerlin Olinger says:

0:10 >>>> this is why aliens wont talk to us.

koko7124 says:

2:02 thats called ateacher we need such teachers in schools today 
3:02 that just one stupid girl

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