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kane preston says:

Like for roman soldiers

LittlePranksters says:

Jesus can walk on water
babies are 89% water
I can walk on babies
I am…

in jail.
first btw :)

Unoriginal Username says:


OrganicGardening987 says:

I thought it was a little rude to just leave brits grandma behind wherever
you went :/ Especially at 2:19 common that is just horrible! They walk
off and leave her on the other side of the street!

Josh Schuttevaer says:

Aww that’s sweet! Brittany is buying Roman a sweatshirt with Romans’ OWN

Roman Soldier says:

Thumbs up if you’re excited for the prank!!!!
#RomanSoldier :D WOOO !!!!
Britt did a good job at vlogging, show some love <3 

AhileyGusani says:

Congrats on your 100K subscribers
*im using internet Explorer*
Bit late

RomanAtwoodVlogs says:

VLOG TIME!! Better late than never :) I don’t no how to say this but I am
still sick in bed today! Can’t wait to get home tomorrow. Miss Noah so
much.. I love you guys.Thanks for the support and positive comments. Smile
More :) 

Prank Files says:

Glad your feeling better bro!! Looking forward to the new prank!

Dankrupt says:

hey, it’s yousef’s girlfriend!

InVoid says:

The gran is left behind when they are walking together :( 

Omar Barrera says:

Brittney should vlog more it gets me sooo horny 

Ernir Styrmisson says:

die and smile less :)

Harry c says:

Wasnt the prank supposed to be out like a week ago?

Mr.Techster says:

301 club looking up to ur prank movie when is it coming out does anybody
know !!!

SeventeenPointFive says:

poor bastards that will be on the plane with you, passing around your
illness like a joint!

Chris Groth says:

Hey everyone! Gotta love Roman, whether he’s sick or not!

Like this comment if Roman is AWESOME!!
Comment if you love his pranks
Ignore if ur a hater of his vlogs!

GameBagGames PVP says:

why does Brittney talk like a valley girl

Marcus Dibble Media says:

Id go balls deep in lories sugar walls and give her a creampie and come out
of da bushes n stab her

blue camera productions says:

hey roman wheres that 24 hour vlog where its the hole day evan the boring
stuff a real day in the life of roman at wood

Dhinesh V says:

my doctor says i wont live beyond saterday so can u tell me wat ur prank is
gonna be before i die roman?

Alex Hopkins says:

When does natural born pranksters come out?

mizzy billz says:

These kids are SO LUCKY to have two smart extremely loving parents and
especially to have a dad that is basically famous and liked and fun. I envy
that but im happy for your entire family 

Legoexpertos says:

Give us the F*cking Prank! How much time do we have to wait?…

Nate DA SnipeR says:

Please help me get 78 billion suscribers 

Josh Castillio says:

ARE YOU KIDDING ME! How could anyone say that brittney is annoying them.
She is just starting at vlogging and is just as good or better than roman.
As a wise man once said, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say
it at all.

TheLegendSpeaker says:

Umm since roman is sick, i dont think you should be kissing him Britney

christopher glasgow says:

What is Lori’s relationship with Brittany? 

CyberDude1100 says:

Lol am I the only one who talks to the bus driver when theres nobody else
on the bus amd the bus driver isn’t a douchebag?

Varun Rathod says:

who think that Roman should take rest a day!!!!

Parth Shah says:

Is roman driving a Mercedes? At 3.20 in the car it looked like he was, good
to know he likes the german. 

El Herpo Derpo says:

Roman, I have a confession to make… i slept with brittney in hs. i feel
so guilty romman im sorry. i guess i was so irresistable to her

Eric Martinez says:

Teens react to Unfriended Trailer!!!!!

steph e says:

Youtube search : “romanatwood bad blowjob”

Rose Gamble says:

Omg Winston from the shaytards vlog is wearing the same shirt as Cain 

CupCake says:

Lori+Kane= Korie 

KingEgecanHD says:

U should hire a editer.They will edit it in half of the time u edit it in.

Not Dope says:

I’ve been laying in the same position for 3 days because of my surgery, my
fits in a casts and I’m in pain, everyday your vlogs bring life into my
day, keep up the good work.

rhian cook says:

When you go back to ohio are you staying there like living there again

edgar aguilar says:

his new prank is when he takes a taxi and talks to the guy who is driving
about that no one likes roman and that his girlfriend just broke up with
him. and once they get to the bridge he tells the guy to stop and pull
over, then roman tries to suicide him self, from jumping down the bridge
but the driver stops him from doing that. 

ToHt2Handle says:

How long have they been in LA ?

Sam Verebesh says:

Hey guys I’m a humble YouTuber and my milestone is 17 billion subs, I’m
really close so please sub, I make great content!

Cooper Bohl says:

Keep doing wat u r doing this has inspired me to tell my friends to smile

Jathur Neethirajah says:

I feels like summer here at canada ontario

Chandler Pittman says:

I wanted that smile more bord I gets hope that I well get the crayon bord

Skoorb Brooks says:

They aren’t married? 

Meghan Deuel says:

I love it when Britt does a little vlogging. Her eyes are so pretty idk how
she does her eye makeup so perfectly 

Creed Cinema says:

Subscribe to me for boobs

XisumaLover69 says:


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