Parks and Recreation (P&R) Season 2 (S2) Gag Reel Bloopers

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SteveFox says:

WTF I’ve never seen this before and I watched probably every gag reel on
youtube. Where did you get it? Do you have more? UPLOAD IT lol

godzillakiller1 says:

I was kinda hoping for a Parks And Rec and Office crossover

Stephen Kowalski says:

Like if you’re watching because you already miss this show.

Its only been a half hour…

Trail Mix says:

The warning only makes me want to watch and gag more

Felipep Ranger says:


Luke Wigley says:

Rob Lowe’s scream at 5:52 sounds like an old dial up connection. That my
friends is observational comedy, am I right…

Alyssa Brock says:

my favorite thing about this is Nick Offerman’s giggles

moses1087 says:

Lmao dammit I’m going to miss this show. Characters meshed perfectly. Pure
comedic excellence. and as for Aubrey please just sit on my face already. 

TheSilverstang66 says:

I wish I could literally intern to be in the show during the time it was

Carcass says:

I wish the series was uncensored on Netflix lol

Brad Barnes says:

Watch Ron’s break in character in his facial expression at 4:22 and then
back into it at 4:31 its hilarious

Chelsea B says:

I love Amy’s laugh!

Pakcik Mubin says:

>fuckin’ 240p

felicity macarons says:

is it strange that Ron’s mustache reminds me of the Lorax

xana452 says:

Thee fact that they ended with a complete show blows my mind. I’d never be
able to hold it together. 

Ragnar Lothbrok says:

Thank you for this man

Annie Teer says:


DMomsFan1 says:

“you are lucky to have me cause I’m, fart and I’m smunny” OMGGG 

Isabelle Norling says:

I love Amy and Louis together (in the show and in real life)

Bremen Boy Darby says:

The ‘handjob in the steam room’ clip is one of the funniest things I’ve
seen on a TV show. omg I’m dying

superfreegoat says:

oh she’s saying “i’m fart and smunny” because she’s drunk and she mixed the
letters up.

i was like why the hell is the saying “i’m farting on some money”

AwesomeBill FromDawsomeville says:

12:53 michael scott off camera

Chris Tian says:

Yay!!! Finally got to see Season 2 Gag reel!

kelsey baker says:

Why the hell didn’t they leave “fart and smunny” and pizza fight in the

jondoughh says:

240p? This is 2015, not 2003 

Harsh Sanghavi says:
dholmestar says:

Amy Poehler is a legend. “Fart and smunny” had another comedy legend
cursing himself for not being able to keep it together, and then the pizza
fight lines just sealed it lmao

Anna Simpson says:

Toms laugh is life. 

ShadowBandit39 says:

Nick’s a lucky guy, I would love to have Rashida Jones rolling around on my

Mel le says:

it’s pretty endearing to see Louie CK crack up over the word ‘fart’ 3 times

Stevie says:

6:17 Leslie created shmoney before bobby shmurda

Marco Pellegrino says:


Imran Malik says:

240p!?!?!! FUCK!

Amina Harris says:

The blooper with Amy and Louis gets me every time.. when they are at the
house. ;) 

Gabriela márquez says:

i love amy’s and rashida’s laugh lol

dalooloo28 says:

not classically hot? that’s not what the comments on videos say

Code Red says:

5:52 reminds me of Woody screaming after getting burnt by the magnifying

Smallandmegamighty says:

“Did he die from eating meat?” “No, he died from asking stupid fucking

julahandhecta says:

Now this is a show I could watch over and over!!!!

Ultimaniac says:

There’s something really awesome about seeing Louis C.K. completely lose it

gretisma2 says:

amy’s laugh tho hahaha

Carolyn Ehrlich says:

Nick Offerman’s laugh is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard

Justin Hoel says:

Sad face

Michael Medina says:

Ron’s laugh at 11:23 is hilarious

Franco Avila says:

Nick Offerman got that Garfield look.

Imaan Shah says:
DobbysSock333 says:

wtf why are they all so cute

Jose Paz says:

12:50 Michael Scott moment

Jaeho Kim says:
Sammers Mikados says:

watching will make amy laugh makes me so happy and yet so sad

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