Pharaoh’s Fortune 54 free Spins!! BONUS ROUND 5c slot game 5X Multiplier!!!

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Pharaoh’s Fortune 54 free Spins!! 5X Multiplier!!! 5c, $2 bet , BONUS ROUND 5c slot game in San Manuel casino, CA

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lassur2012 says:

Try Pokersaints . com Casino – They have all the 5 lines slots with
freespin and €100K Jackpot!

buckinghamnicks1983 says:

i liked your sound effects.

Portmorris73 says:

I know you were excited to show this…but the clarity is
horrible……………..more luck to yu

LibraDoll10 says:

Fantastic Win. :) Thanks for sharing. :)

Vanner says:

Nice $100 spin @ 6:45. Almost $500, ya I’d be walking away at that point.
What really sucks is when you take your winning recipe and head to the bar
to cash out and the bartender is occupied or to bust to help you and you
have to wait like 5 or 10 minutes. Sometimes it feels like forever. “I just
want to get out of here!” LOL

diverrboy says:

excellent hit. I had one of these too in AC , same bet as that. got $455.00
(9,100 credits) – but i had 95 free spins. LOL

Emanuel Luna says:

i like to music as called song

Joe Sweetnam-Powell says:

song: The Bangles – Walk Like An Egyptian

mixedbm says:


RunescapeChode912 says:

i want to watch someone pick all the free spins

Stephanie St.Benedict says:

$493.00 not bad.

INear1 says:

wow, i’ve had 1 retrigger (35 spins) but this is niccceeeeeeeeee

Vanner says:

To bad the machines have tightened down so much in the last few years. Wins
like that use to be more common. Greedy lottery bastards….

MrTmoney12889 says:

Damn you retrigged like crazy I play this game all the time and I never

abby495 says:

Wow this is awesome! I’m addicted to the bonus sound effects thanks for

CasinoNews says:


abby495 says:

I love the sound effects of this game!!!

abby495 says:

Wow re-trigger like a mofo! WTG dude lol

ZMoulton says:

Nice win!

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