Picking Up Girls – Fame Digger Prank – Get ANY Girls Number with Twitter – Funny Videos/Pranks 2015

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pranks & picking up girls…picking up girls – fame digger prank – get any girls number with twitter – funny videos/pranks 2015 – women Subscribe to SoFloComedy ➨ http://www.youtube.com/subscript…

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ChiragTheMan says:

the BF must suck if she’s falling for 22k twitter followers .

Piers Morgan says:

You should have been pee peeing in that toilet thirsty kids in Africa could
have drank all that wasted purified H20

JOSEPH says:

Feels good to be featured in this video haha. #PartTimeTwitterGod
Follow me: https://twitter.com/JosephAAyoub – doing a huge follow spree!

Seun Idowu says:

This soflo guy dosnt do pranks… why is he getting fame off peoples dicks

peterbmt123 says:

I have 13k followers on Instagram, and, unfortunately, it doesn’t benefit

S7 Xenonz says:

1:06 pissed me off more than it should have

NORMALarvin says:

You cant just go up to someone and say “put your number in my phone”

justin agyemang says:

these girls ain’t loyal

AvWorgen says:

haha so funny you pee in the toilet with a water bottle

xAnimezz says:

probs lied when she said she has a bf

stephan adam says:

Wow she gave him her number because of 22k followers???

Alfie Meek says:

She bit her lips for you!!!

adam gidman says:

she in with it

leo torres says:

I have 7k on vine I’m pretty sure that doesn’t matter.

SYEcHiiLZ14 says:

That was just mean telling girls to put your number on my phone… Like wtf
who’s you… But than again she was treated like trash saw the cash and
accepted the douche 

Kristian Martinez says:

I feel like this channel’s content is just getting old.. It used to seem
like they put more effort into these videos. Just my opinion though.

Chris M says:

Damn you could hear her slowly cracking under the pressure

Johann Montero says:

Get some water balloons and a teen then go up to a woman and tell here
thang girl let me help you tie those water balloons

DjyLe Reiv says:

Can’t you guys tell by the way this guy is talking. In a way, he was
clearly forceful about getting her phone number; the girl was just

Rick James says:

The guy comes on very strong and like a douchebag. 

the mob frog says:

* snobby white girl voice * i have a boyfriend

pretty princess says:

that guy gave me the creeps LOL

Final Limits says:

This guy is douche bag.

Anonymous Doge says:



SoFloComedy says:

Picking Up Girls – Fame Digger Prank – Get ANY Girls Number with Twitter –
Funny Videos/Pranks 2015

Asap DeVz says:

Thats a THOT so sad for the BF 

Cesar Quinones says:


Arrogant Cortez says:

Twitter whore.

Justin Yi says:

Sam peppers idea

DESoccer1 says:


TheMarsbird says:

nice video bros

Adrian O says:

1:06 Your*

Brandn _45 says:


Phillip Monaghan says:

6th m8

Seldon Wynter says:


Josh Fleming says:

is it bad that i wish her boy friend stumbles across this vid on youtube 

ado elharty says:


Alex De rosa says:


MrJewfro13 says:


Qhozyz says:


Brandon S says:


Jayke Thome says:


Marko Trpcevski says:


john gonzalez says:


Frank Calderon says:


SZFatalSZ says:


ARusso22TV says:

Hewa with a capital H

Itz skitt says:

First comment :)

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