Pranks That Went Too Far

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Extreme pranksters that took it to the boiling point. Subscribe to our channel: ————————————————————— Description: It’s all fun…

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SabakuSouSou87 says:

I hate pranksters. They’re always “just kidding” and “doing it for the
lulz”, while being totally icnapable of understanding why their victims
often feel like snapping their necks. Oh wow I almost had a hearth attack,
but it was funny! Thank you mr. prankster!

Oscar Montoya says:

kinda dumb pranking alligators

StuffTubeAmwesome says:

Is it bad that I was laughing throughout the video?

Tricia Daley says:

I think I would have a heart attack with any of these prank but first I
slap the fudge out of the pranksters 

TheRichest says:

If you want more videos like this please subscribe! :) What do you want to
see next? Comment below:

daniel escalante says:

You’re a dumbass if fuck around with a crocodile, and you deserve to get

RotaryCorgi says:

Holy shit that first ghost prank reminds of the exorcist

Jacob Blount says:

If someone did the “Stranger rodeo” bulk ahit online me they would get a
bullet to tme chest. That’s not a prank, it’s physical assault. Just
imagine someone running up to you and jumping on your back swinging you
around, how would you respond?

Mable Pines says:

The pranks done on the women by men aren’t funny. From the moment it’s
discovered we’re girls while in the womb or at birth, thru our entire
lives, we have to seriously worry about asult and rape, so shit like this
IS NOT FUNNY >:-( — some of the other stuff is, but not a man harassing

rraacchh2 says:

I saw one where a guy would run up to kids in a bath robe and open it to
make it look like he was flashing them to the parents, but he was actually
just wearing a shirt that said either “don’t do drugs” or “stay in school.”
I think the same guy also did a “prank” where he tricked his wife into
thinking he had accidentally dropped their child over the railing from the
second floor. Just a tip, if you think making mothers believe that their
children are dying or being sexually assaulted is funny, you probably have
some serious psychological problems you need to work through. 

Rachel Adria says:

Setting someones head on fire isn’t a prank,it’s assault with a deadly
weapon, and jailtime. And irreversible scarring. WTG.

speedportraits says:

the dinosaur from the intro ♡^▽^♡
I would love to see that in real life

Joyce Chen says:

Id b so pissed too to be messed around mentally like that. But from an
outside point of view, its hilarious!!!!!!!!

idolwannabe242008 says:

I have to agree with @King Kyler on this one. Some ppl just take pranks way
too far and some of those could have seriously injured, traumatized or
killed someone. Some ppl just don’t think about the consequences until it
is too late. It makes me wonder if any of them would still think that it is
“just a joke” or funny if any of those that I mentioned above really were
to happen and their asses were sitting in jail or prison. That is something
that they would have to live with for the rest of their lives. There are
some pranks I’ve seen that are actually pretty funny, but they also were
pretty harmless. This stuff is just right down ridiculous. On another note
though, +TheRichest I do love your videos and am really glad that I came
across your channel. Been a subscriber for quite some time now. :)

adceph says:

music mixed WAY too high


Hostage prank is from impractical jokers

juffurey says:

wow, that stranger rodeo is hilarious.

ObeseGramps says:

I’m not sure about the rest of the people but Badass pranks don’t have to
be on here. They put themselves in that spot mainly because it was their
job at the time.

Friender_Men says:

The hostage prank was from jackass the beard he had was made of pubic hair

Alir The Random Roleplayer says:

+Mystery pony 

Gatica says:

inb4 Sam Pepper prank and subsequent rape scandal.

adam livingston says:

I’m glad that the guy who messed with the gators got attacked

SonicfanM says:

Number 2, 3 and maybe 4 are Brazilian so….
Hu3hu3hu3 brbr

Blu Jacket says:

Stop being BuzzFeed

ThePrehistoricMaster says:

1:19 xD

Yulan Ottenfwicke says:

The human rodeo thing is just begging for an “oh, my aching back” lawsuit.
The only pranls I pull are carefully chosen to be harmless.

tobi tobi says:

I hate pranks, so stupid

Rafael e.G. says:

the stomach flu one is brazilian….and i thought that brazilian pranks
werent really good…this made me change my opinion (I’m Brazilian)

Tobi76 says:

What happened in the Stomach Flu one? I’m pretty disgusted of vomit so I
didn’t watch it and I have never had a stomach flu.

Leo Stamato says:

At least 2 of those were from my country… don’t know exactly how to feel
about it ^__^”

Seattle City says:

Thanks for the upload! You are on the same level as Danger Dolan,
Alltime10s, Wacky Wednesday, and Toptrending! Thanks again!

Tomokos PuffyVulva says:

You forgot to mention. The Jackass prank on a prankster was a double prank
because they glued the cast pubes to his face.

Matteo Lonati says:

What was the piece of prank when you see the guy that punches the other in
the face at 0:14 min? Thanks

Saudah Vilbrun says:

Real prankster: hide around a corner jump out scare someone
Fake prankster:slap someone in the face. Yo man its just a joke!

Ana Cruz says:

Is funny when you are not the one that is being pranked at I’m just being

Izani H says:

prank supposed to be fun but some of these went too far they should be
illegal like the hostage one.

Scooter7891 says:

The stomach flu one is just wrong. But I thought it was funny on the
casket prank the riders went closer to it initially.

Deja C says:

Japanese prank shows are always over the top 

Sander Pouliart says:

I feel terrible for laughing at their reactions, but I simply couldn’t help

Mitch Lasley says:


killjoy432561 says:

The hostage prank was on jackass xD pfft…he had pubes on his face ^-^

klyzhh says:

Like if you are watching in 7015

Tobias2012 says:

that goofy background music made it unwatchable.

Tyrone Milton says:

Oh god thank you. That was so good.

miezikatzi55 says:

Don’t show this ThatcherJoe ;D

thelonious luzell says:

Thanks for making these great videos

sissy4259 says:

Excellent !!

HeyItsMe Lizzie says:

That is why I don’t prank

Psfanboy_43 says:


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