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Michael Freeman says:

Join the leading binary options Facebook Group and Community online! 4
Admins = Lot’s of ITM’s !!! Let’s Do It! 

Peter Brooks says:

The leading team is kicking serious ass! Those numbers are looking fresh!
Money, money, money! :) Do you plan on expanding your leading team
eventually or sticking to 4? Great job so far this month gang! :)

david walling says:

I can not thank you enough Michael, I joined a week ago and I have learnt
so much already. I can not emphasise just how important being patient is
and keeping to a planned investment strategy on a % basis. But the best
part is the support and help of you and your wonderful team and the daily
advice they give. These old bones have got a spring back in them.

maring rongmei says:

hope it will be easy for me to follow michael joining very soon

Peter Brooks says:

You guys are very consistent with your sessions, I like that! Consistency
in life is key! :)

BO watchdog says:

Here is an example of a signals service you don’t want to join
another binary options scam!!! 

Lara Romano says:

I am so Glad I am in this group!! First time in my life I am trading!!!
Jump in folks!!

DeAndre Caldwell says:

Just want to said, congrats to Rene Gz, Keep up the good job.

Matthew ferrara says:

How much is recommend minimum deposit 

Aubrey Wallace says:

Looks awesome–can’t wait to try it! Thanks for all you do, Mike. I’ve
learned so much about binary options since finding your website/watching
your YouTube videos a year ago!

Jos Jooste says:

Hi to you all,
As a beginner in binary options trading I made mistakes bigtime and been
scammed twice…then I found Michael Freeman’s web page and FB signals, and
what a blessing. This guy and his admins are amazing. If you’re like me, a
beginner, rest assure this group of people are the best thing that can
happen to you as a beginner. You are safe here and in the best company in
the binary trading industry. Thank you to Michael and his lieutenant’s.

Emil Dragutinovic says:

I´m up about 50% on my account since I joined the group 3 weeks ago, we
have all gained big gains in the group of about 500 people and we are
growing each day for obvious reasons! Michael and his team is very keen on
making sure everyone is profiting and the feedback from them and all the
traders is just positive! I could´t be more satisfied with a group like
this! Join us :)

Vladimir Polovina says:

I am very thankful to the Facebook Signal Group. It is a fantastic
community that can only be beneficial to anyone that joins. It is the
second week since I joined and I have continued to learn and improve in
Binary Options. Thank you to Michael Freeman and the Admins for your
continuously excellent dedication to this community. I hope many more
people join

Tracy Melville says:

Everyone in this group cares about each others success you couldn’t ask for
more. The only way to fail at this in this group is not to follow what the
admin puts up for strike rates. If you need help admin and everyone else is
available at all times to help if you need it. Again Thank You Michael

Lilian B says:

Michael Freeman, this facebook group is the best thing ever. I used to miss
email signals but now I am able to catch 5 and more trades. The interaction
is great. Now I am able to make sense of the trade set-ups, and to choose
expiry times even when I try to trade on my own. By the way my Facebook
name is Joy Khumalo.

adam asmara says:

hi michael can u please recommend really good and honest broker for me to
start with binary option,i am from malaysia.
thank you.

Garbiel Angel says:

Michael your team is great and it was a great idea to add Rene as an admin,
all 4 of you are great binary options traders. I am really happy to trade
with you guys!

Hugo Dionisi says:

This group rocks!!! Thanks Mike and team =]

Eduardo Loquere says:

Simply an Awesome Group to be in!!! Here’s to ALL of Our Continued
Learning, Helping, and Succeeding Everyone!!! :)

Rohan Bais says:

Great work Michael always rocks..

Angelo mathews says:

Michael Freeman you are so great for creating this wonderful community. I
will join you guys on Monday. I have to first get my paycheck so I can fund
a new account, which broker you recommend out of the 3 options?

Jure Kristo says:

This is definetly the most amazing group/signal service I’ve ever
encountered, real live interaction with everyone, great signals all day
long!! Everyone who hasnt yet joined this group, dont have a clue what they
are missing out :) Most thankful to all the admins!! Jure

Stufi C says:

Hey Mike

I would like to join your signalsgroup if possible. Please gimme a short


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