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Q&A WITH MY DAD BLOOPERS!! ▻Dad’s twitter – @Daddysugg ▻Become a Sugglet NOW – http://bit.ly/1bIpesb ▻Remember to hit that LIKE button if you enjoyed it :) ▻NEW VIDEO EVERY SUNDAY.

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Theresa Blueberry says:

*Like father, like son.*

Katherine Pierce says:

Daddy Sugg seems like the chillest dad ever. 

wafa mazen says:

8 people disliked this video

8 people are going to hell today 

rossmchutch says:

I came to the Bloopers in the Pure hope of seeing Daddy Suggs face
(Still loved the video)

Rebecca Wood says:

I can’t actually pause the video in any place where Joe doesn’t look hot…

sam moriarty says:

Your a daily vlogger

Gabe Helmy says:

Literally something I’d see in my nightmares 1:48

ThatcherJoeVlogs says:


millie jane says:

Your family would be so good to watch on Gogglebox

Mariam Elahi says:

If i told my parents to shut up or f*ck off they would probably whoop my
ass :’)

suggbucks says:


cuteyin PARIS says:

This video is possibly one of the best ones on YouTube

Alicia Armstrong says:

To that one person that has disliked this video

Alex Loutchin says:

I wish my dad was cool and funny!

Syeda Mahzabin says:


Jessica x says:

You are so funny I was crying my eyes out and I nearly wet myself!!!!!!
Please make more 

Olivia Greene says:

You two are the funniest!

Erion Krasniqi says:

Why are we not allowed to see his dad

Atipfactory says:

I love your channel and vlog channel!

kalesx0 says:

I’m just curious; has he mentioned any specific reason as to why his father
doesn’t want to be shown on their videos? Just curious :) to each their
own, I know my Mum hates being on film but I was just wondering if there
was any other reason- ps he is hilarious! The two of you together is

It's Just Kate says:

I can’t get over how alike you are, you for have the funniest sense of

Kyuurix says:

Pure synergy.

Elif Ugurlu says:

It’s funny how the blooper video is longer than the actual video

JimmY says:

Your dad is the man, hilarious

Georgia Fennell says:

I see where Zoella gets her looks from, in a positive way obviously :)

Phil Thomas says:

what does U0001f602U0001f602 mean?

joeconza says:

i LOVE LOVE bloopers! ahaha

Carré Albers says:

I need that dogmask in my life!!

Sofeaa Sayani says:


bella vestrup says:

I have never seen Zoe and Joe’s mom?

Анастасия Стукалова says:

Daddy Sugg and Joe have very similar eyes and characters

ItsOnlySarah says:

this is the 3rd time ive watched this. im in a library too.. fml. Daddy
sugg is the most immature dad ever… I love him

My name is Kate Weisman says:

Hey joe I am a huge fan and a subscriber but I ask you one thing will you
bleep out the word hell

Katelyn Small says:

IS IT WEIRD I WANT TO BE YOUR DADS FRIEND??? He needs to be in more videos
and people need to send in more masks to your PO box! GOOOO. 

Alexis Hingston says:

I know we should respect daddy Suggs choice to not show his face for
privacy reasons and everything. But did anybody else get excited to see at
least some/most of his features?

Amber Rosalie says:

I love your dad like, SO MUCH. 

Arina Azwa says:

Daddy Sugg is sooo amazing. Cant stop laughing tho 

SDTV Vlogs | Shau & Dar says:

Your a daddy Sugg Junior, personalities are scarily alike… IT’S BRILLIANT

Jade says:


Ella Kosmin says:

Ur dad is sooo funny

zainab Bee says:

Someone who’s great at photoshop, can you put the top half of daddy sugg
from the last few seconds with the bottom half you can see at other times
and put them together to figure out what he looks like?!! 

Michelle says:

My theory: daddy sugg IS Banksy. 

Lady Jessabelle says:

you and your dad are possibly the greatest gifts to this earth

Shruti Suresh says:

You guys are SO hilarious together omg hahahaha

knigzbey says:

holy shit hahahaha i don’t think i have cried of laughter so much in my
entire life. hahaha your dad is an absolute legend. 

Ali Batay says:

You should do another video with your dad and do the elevator game from one
of your blogs. I found it hilarious. BTW love your videos!!

Mari-ann Carlin says:

Why is daddy sugg not allowed to show his face ??

nhihn says:

I laughed so much, my throat now hurts hahah :’D

andreaaa61695 says:

I can see where Joe gets his sense of humor! Daddy Sugg is hilarious

ilona stoks says:

hhaha omg your dad should have his own channel xD xxly

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