*Quick Hit Fever* Slot Machine – All 4 Bonuses w/ BIG WINS!

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Shout out to our friends Windy City Frenzy and Quick Hit Lover, we know you all love Quick Hits, and we love it too!\r
Foxwoods has a bank of these Quick Hit Fever games that have been very good to us lately. We show all four bonuses in this video, as well as quick hit jackpots. \r
Which bonus do you think will treat us best – 2x pays, 3x pays, fever free games, or locking wilds? \r
Mrs. CTs dad makes a voice cameo during one of the bonuses! :) \r
Max bet on these games is $1.50 and during one side by side session we had, Mrs. CT goes from $30 and cashes out with over 10 times that amount! \r
Thanks for Watching!\r
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