Road Rage 2015 – Fight in Little Seoul! Compilation #21

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The Episode 21: Road Rage 2015 compilation, street fights caught on camera in Russia, USA, Europe, China and Thailand. Spring 2015. No deaths or fatal. Baseball bats, guns, drunk people, redneck,.

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Car Crash Weekly says:

Don’t worry and everything will be okay!

ethan199303 says:

2:55 the big guy is a dickhead. He’s being the aggressor and is much bigger
but he still sprays the guy with pepper spray.

Fernando G. Ramirez. says:

Why is people so stupid? If I see somebody pulling over in front of me and
getting down of their vehicles with the intention of harming me, I would
just step on it and run over them. 

Valoro85 says:

Hahhaha the last guy, how mad he gets and how he’s cussing like crazy,
hilarious xD

Martynas Riauka says:


RedTeamWolf says:

Damn number 2 just ram his car and take off his doors

Ganjaflash420 says:

hahaha love your vids :-)

RenaultMagnum97 says:

At 4:43 could it be one of those federal vehicles?

YouMirin? says:

Does anyone know the song at the end? Would be really great if one could
say it or Car Crash Weekly. I think the song super and would very much like
to know, I understand only one thing not why do not you tell it? Not at all
on how you answer private messages. I asked you all what is the friendly at
it the name of the song to call? My God.

terrorsquadlith says:

these are my favourites but arghhh some of these vids piss me off haha :D

Igor Dmitrijenko says:

Господи, эти китайцы на белой хонде, или че там, такие забавные. Понтов
выше крыши.

jonet david says:

3:12 pfff pepper spray ! im 100 % resistant to pepper spray D: scares
intensify, shoot again still standing pal ! wat you gonna do ?! XDDD

SoupSnakes Collins says:

there’s no way to tell if the driver at 4:35 is a redneck. there is a
specific set of criteria to be met before one can be considered a redneck.
it’s not just actions alone, it also includes geographical, habitual,
cultural, ethnicity and attitude based criteria. how do i know this? i’ll
give you two guesses but you’ll only need 1. i myself am a redneck lol.
we’re not all bad.

ProudRich says:

Hahaha little men with bat . Ulan Türkiye ye gelin de o sopayı çıkarana
kadar kaç şarjör yersiniz bakalım . 

pichonsito23 says:

Girls generation devil run

Lester Cole says:

9:20 Hi Mom hahhahaha

ArrivaMPS says:

4:40 music ??? plz )

007alvareichon says:

mental problem mode on

Muhtasim Rafid says:

1:42 track please?

Donald Carter says:

Videos like this are the reason I carry a Glock every time I drive.

359 Michaelward says:

VTEC kicks in at 9:36

Rawside1988 says:

Music at 4:32 anyone?

Bud Pomeroy says:

Road Rage 2015 – Fight in Little Seoul! Compilation #21:

hellman4717 says:

Great as always!

Bomberman 3000 says:

skrillex :D

Random Guy says:

I don’t get why so many people are afraid to defend them selves, especially
since they have a camera to prove they were defending them selves. People
need to realize that a car is a means to get away, and be used as a shield
and weapon if need be.

Like when those guys got out and started to beat the car with bats… As
soon as that window broke I would consider my self at risk, and I would
have taken off, bending their open doors backwards if need be, and heading
towards a police station.

And the guy who pulled a gun an pointed it at the driver… At that point I
duck and floor it, he was close enough that if I were turning, the car
would just knock him over and not run him over.

Krzysztof D says:

Kto pl? :D

EvtheNev says:

With the driving skills of some idiots out there I’m not surprised some
people get angry. I’m not sure how having a fist fight in the middle of the
road resolves anything though.

urungutang says:


Treemike 1000 says:

Oh geez :D

ป๋าบอย' มาบสอง says:


MyPROBE GTisFaster says:
pedro rey says:

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