Robocraft – BLOOPERS (‘Fixed’ Platoons)

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Robocraft is an arena style competitive game with a heavy emphasis on creative robot designing. Build your own robots block by block, and then use it to destroy other people’s in team-deathmatch…

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Aavak says:

I don’t think this is what @Robocraftgame meant when they ‘fixed’
platoons… #Robocraft

Bracken453 says:

Yeah today I went into a challenge match at T6 and there was a t1 I it as
well I kinda felt bad for the T1

RawrImDragon says:

Just had a match with 12 T10’s vs 4 T10’s, so uuuh yeah it’s a bit more
than platoons that are broken D:

Rumpelstinski Mc says:

Chalangemode is REALY REALY REALY MESSED Up… I joined a challange match
with my T7 bot and in my side were 2 T7 and 1 T10 bots… On the enemey
team there were 15 T7’s. -,-

Ryan Harvey says:

My face is not the same after the amount of times I facedpamed.

Jerm Stone says:

I might just wait until the HUGE META UPDATE before I start playing a lot
again. Bugs bugs bugs. XD

Leafein says:

Wait…Lathrid = Lathland?…Why am I just realizing that? What’s wrong
with me!

Trixsters I Vids For U I says:

Aavak tell lathland that I was the rail walker he killed :P

TheMetasepia says:

You know, when it comes to competitions, there are two ways of fixing games.
They clearly just went for the slightly more shady version of “fixed” ;)

KingDomXY says:

That was awesome XD I hope this helps the devs figuring out what went wrong

IamLupo says:

Me and Fortress have confirmed that we have found a fast fix.

If this bug occur the platoon leader needs to change to a different tier
and change back to the tier you want into. This will reinitialize the tier
rank of your platoon. Its possible that this bug can still occur. You still
have to do this steps again

Good luck!

Daniel Mitchell says:

how even what? why?

Stan Ten Napel says:

Had this happen to me. Got a t1 battle against a t4 bomber, who also
happened to use a t7 plasma launcher.

Ryan Marks says:

I was in a challage I was a T10 on the lower tier side and my whole team
was T10 and the higher tier side was T10

Fro- sen says:

░░█░░░░▀░▐▌( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)▐▌░░░▀░░░▐█░░░░░░░░▀░▐▌( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)▐▌░░█▀

Benjamin Coker says:

Omg, made my day aavak. I got a t10 in a t9 battle earlier but that was it.

CreeperCrafT Gaming says:


Leafein says:

Now THAT’S a challenge right there!

Rowan Brooke-Jones says:

if they aren’t fixed what’s the point if allowing players to platoon…
they should make it if it does this kind of stuff the platoon button should
be disabled

ǝɹǝɥ uʍop ǝpᴉsdn ƃuᴉǝq ʇsnſ says:

Ang tao man ay kumain tsokolate. Oh sorry i just said something in
Philiphine. ˙ǝnbsᴉɹǝlǝɔs ɹǝdɯǝs oɯoɥ ʇᴉʌɐɔnpuɐɯ There we go! Upside down
Latin is way better.

duke says:

i just watched both of your vedios

Sander Koldenhof says:

well, be happy with the tier 6! i got in a tier 1 battle with my tier 9
flying medic… just spectating…

Hugo Stephen says:

And it is not a new bug … not NEW… I had it 2 weeks ago…

Dracorex Grizzard says:

Good to know this was happening to other people. I and a few buddies were
in a t8 platoon and we ended up fighting with a group of t5 challengers, we
kinda stood around confused for so long, and we only started attacking the
enemies once they attacked us.

Travis Cheney says:

Now I want to try this. Lol. Great Job Robocraft. =]

qwert yuiop says:

So funny, I watched it from both perspectives.

Kian Leiner says:

lol I was in T3 and got dragged into a regular T8 match… I died
instantly… XD

Isaak Bing says:

Omg that’s halarious!

CptBoomsauce Jutomi the Wonderland Floster says:

If it’s any constellation, I’m still stuck outside of the ship that you
build robots in. ω.ω
I mean, I’ve not tried relaunching it and seeing if I’d respawn in,
but I’ve got screenshots. lol

james allen says:

Hurr durr stealing videos of lathrix hurr durr

Jahja Abu Jaber says:

i vas in a batle agenct of 15 t10 agenct 4 t10

Dotz says:

135th view!

Sparky Dorugamon says:

I’m sitll loling.

Sun-Tzu 67 says:

You guys broke Platoons didn’t you? I call Shenanigans on the both of you!

PiggyHD says:

when are you going to make a megabot? hopefully soon because i want to see
you as a megabot 

Hugo Stephen says:

Oh mon I am not the only that had the bug, I had in solo and I went into a
t2 battle with my t10 bot…

King Gamez says:

I had this glitch 2 I was t10 going into t1 XD I killed everyone and got
t10 rp I got in the 100mill rp XD

Sam Ramsay says:

Since the update I haven’t been able to use my teir 7 bot, so I tried it in
tier 6 and 8 and it still doesn’t work, so I have to use my tier two bot,
which I haven’t touched since several months before the megaboss update

Sebastian Musterman says:


Captain Snail says:

Today I was in a platoon with my friend and went into a challenge match as
T9.. We were put against 12 other T9s.. xD

TimeBombGaming says:

lol i got a challenge like that where it was 4 T10s vs 20 T10s xD

Nick Schmidt says:

I’m a tier 6 healer so in challenge matcha I kill tier 2 with ease

Josh Humbles says:

Aavak I was in a t10 platoon earlier and we were put as a full team of
t10’s in a challenge battle against only 4 t10’s even more unfair than
Platoons and challenge are definitely working great

Tauri Tammela says:

i saw the same thing on lathrix channel like 15 min ago

Lycky Kakanettan says:

Well uuuuuhhhh XD

suomi921 says:

hahahahaa *dieds*

nick pollet says:

So balanced xD

Dr.X says:

What happend wtf t10 in t6

Jahja Abu Jaber says:

i vas in a batle mein tem vas agenct 4 t10 en der vas 15 t10 agenc 4t 10

Nazib Islam says:

Aavak Plz make like better version of sleek

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