Romulus and Remus Slot – First Attempt, Free Spins Bonus in New WMS Slot

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Free Spins bonus in my First Attempt at WMS’s New Romulus and Remus slot. An interesting title with potential. 3 scattered diamonds trigger just 5 free games. The goal is to work your way…

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Albert's Slot Channel says:

I really love the unique ladder style bonus feature on this game! Nice to
see you hit the top of the ladder! But then you are really at the mercy of
the brothers to come out together for that 25X payday. I have only played
it once at Caesars in AC but unfortunately this game raped my wallet :-/

lovetwoslot says:

Nicely done – you explained it very well. I did even worse on the bonus.
Made it all the way to the x25 and wilds but only ONE guy ONCE during the
entire bonus. Disappointing, but maybe next time will be better. (That was
the first time I had bonused it so far)

buckolaci says:

Hopefully your second try goes a little better. Nice video though, very pro

I Should Buy A Goat - Slot Videos says:

You were very impatient. Don’t worry, I’d be too. These damn slots always
get on our nerves ;-) Nice first attempt tho, could be better. Atleast you
managed to get to the 25X ;)

kolonialone says:

I played this one last weekend. It replaced Great Zeus at one of the locals
and it ate my lunch. Not one bonus or decent hit. I do wanna try it again

Amber Dean says:

Looks like fun and I am excited to play it. Thanks for the video.

BeamMeUpSlotty says:

A Free Spins bonus in my First Attempt at Romulus and Remus by WMS.

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