Ruby Slippers 2 Slot Machine Bonus Compilation Aria Casino Las Vegas

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I am infatuated with this game now! If I could only get the shoes and Glenda in a Wicked Witch bonus….. Please Subscribe, like, & comment so I know what yo…

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Jessica Gilbert says:

Thanks “D”, LOL. I wish I had the brains to be able to trick out my videos
like yours, but I guess I’ll just keep giving them quick and dirty ;) I
appreciate you checking it out!

Jessica Gilbert says:

I’ve been back by a couple times to try again, but it’s always busy. It was

Jessica Gilbert says:

YES!! I played this machine for only about 30 minutes! Very fun!!

Slot Machine Videos by DProxima says:

I enjoyed the video Jessica! You had a few very nice wins! Good job!

Shawn Peterson says:

Awesome Complilation, Jessica! That Glinda bonus at 5:39 was really good to

ramona girl says:

was that all in one sitting?

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