Stealing Girlfriends Prank!

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Vitaly aka Mr. Steal Your Girl… Thumbs Up For More :) Official Merchandise: Previous Video: Subscribe to my second channel for…

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mikehoang31 says:

The Negro at the end is actually being pretty passive. Props for him. 

Torpedosnap | Nizmo says:

you should fuck a dude’s bitch and be like oh its a prank its all chill ;)

thesheepthatwentmooo says:

The guy at 1:48 was pretty funny dude! But the bloke at 1:27 spoke like
someone from Lord of the Rings. “Do you not think I know this?”

PopcornKupal says:

Do this in the Hood.!!!! let’s see if Vitaly survives

caFFEino says:

Fucking stage like always… This guy is a joke.

Pervert Pete says:

What a coincidence, I also like to pick up strange girls on the street!
Only difference is, I give them GHB and take them to my house to have lemon

xPsyOPSx says:

Great Video, screw those haters. They just don’t know ;)

Jacob Salazar says:

last dude was all bark no bite

2PACBRB2014 says:

terrible acting omg wow

VitalyzdTv says:
titwio says:

Just goes to show that people only threaten with violence as an act to
intimidate. When the other person isn’t intimidated, the fucker gets
confused as fuck!

Eduard Nikolov says:

Ждал когда нигер щелкнет Виталика, но Виталька вовремя заднюю врубил ))

Chad Marcus says:

Did anyone notice that the last guy was fat?

Stewart Griffin says:

How can all of you seriously think this is real? Wtf is wrong with you, do
you not know how to spot horrible acting? 

MyMeganFoxLover says:

If this was real I bet 90% of boyfriends would have hit your ass. I sure as
fuck would have

Thomas Becker says:

Finally… more quality again, old Vitaly seems to be back…

Nostrum84 says:

Wow, what a fucking dick calling this a prank. This is even lower than a
cheap Romanian sub-par jackass rip-off: nothing but a shameless display of
the abstinence of anything that needs and uses at least the slightest form
of intelligence.
Pure shit.

oscar luiso says:

“Im gonna kiss you” BAHHAHAA

mw2Ronaldinho says:

The black guy in the end was a little pussy he’s all talk -__-

TIGR099 says:

Ахах Виталя.. Ты реально в гору прешь!

Devon says:

Black guy at the end had bigger tits than my girlfriend

Dan Motovlogs says:

The ending clip was the fucking best… I am crying of laughter right now.

bangbaggy :3 says:

Vitaly u need to stop putting black ppl in your videos bc their r dummies
in these comments being facist….or at lease don’t show the bad footage
they did…gosh I hate seeing comments with these stupid ppl…!!

Gabriel Incognito says:

I just clicked on this and even without watching I already know V is gonna
get hit by some dude!


How people believe this is real? Omg .. Shame on you vitaly ! 

MikeBNumba6 says:

Yea I can imagine if I tried doing something like this. The guy would
probably fight me and call the police. Then the police would roll up on me
beat me with a night stick, tazer me, shoot me about 9 times and toss a
grenade on me. Seriously how the hell does Vitaly get away with stuff like
this and I can’t?

PS2viciado says:

Wow, not sure if you are brave or a complete fucktard. 

Cheapcomputerrepair says:

fucking niggers need to stick with there own color

Rakib Kalif says:

Look, I’m just trying to get my dick sucked… Any takers??

heat4yoass says:

Vitaly got lucky at the end tryin to fuck with a black man’s white
girlfriend. Shit usually don’t end up nice. 

Yoseph A. says:

wow beating him with a slipper seems legit 20/20 acting

Jasmine Craddock says:

the guy at the end ain’t a real thug, like he really gonna fight with
anyone lol

Charlie Wang says:

Everyone knows vitaly by now… when he does a prank they automatically no
and just go along with it

Razear says:

lmao how the fuck did he not get knocked out?

Dutch Afghan says:

He would have shitted his pants if this was real

zReaction says:

Nobody wants to punch ya in the face why ? XD

Edil Mukish says:

Пахнет подставой!? НЕ?!

Af Twice says:

The black guy let us all down.

John Doe says:

he would get beat up if= he did this shit for real

24FLYstar says:

nobody wants to swing at vitaly cause hes kinda of big they all pussys!!
but if it was them scrawny white boys from ocktv they would get hit asap

David C says:

1:50 cool as couple haha..

cj jc says:

I woulda beat the fuck out of him

MrVania0195 says:

Эв России давно бы вломили бы Виталику ))))

Rinat Hanov says:

Нормально тебя тапком отпиздили, Виталя :D

Isaiah Marquez says:

Did the second guy seriously just call him a fag for humping a girl?

Paul Kihn says:

Almost hits his girl at 1:15. Lol

kazak796 says:

Странно что тебя никто не ударил за всё это время)

Le Wogman says:

Annnnnnnnddd the dog at 2:52 is wearing red heart-shaped glasses with pink
scarf and fairy wings… that’s all I got from this video…

Kyle McGarry says:

3:46 guy left him hanging on that hand shake

33jazzygirl says:


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