“Stop Trying to Show Me Your Bitties” Its Bloopers!

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Bree’s Trees on Bloopers.

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LuckOfTheDrawReborn says:

I look forward to seeing more from Bree, I see a lot of potential.

Fraser H says:

Will even phased Joe out of the top left circle on the between bloops

Robert Sooalo says:

I used to watch Bree Essrig over at PopTrigger. Sooo hot.

FallenRiptide says:

Can we please stop using the word “Replace” it’s not really fair to the new

Golgiapparatus2 says:

I miss Lee. I know Bree is here now, but I also feel like I need more Ricky
to fill the void. #Rickyforhost

Spencer Mccall says:

Is suptic only on SPF ?

King Mozy says:

Bree would get all kinds of nuts

Ahmed Yassin says:

daaaaym I wish I was that tree :D

N3RD says:

I cant beleeve she’s gone…
How can she leeve us

Corbin .Sterno says:

Bree seems super open and outwards about her sexuality, and I think that’s
sexy as fuck.

Dr.Rev.Jewsaurous says:

William Haynes if a girl wants to show you her bitties you let her. >:(

BlargnCheese says:

Elliott’s gone, Joe’s gone, and now Lee. I swear if William or Steve leave,
I think I’ll kill myself.

Mark Campbell says:

Does Bree work at sourcefed now

ononizo 0 says:

…so bree replaced lee?

Lauren Sabino says:

Matt, Will, Steve- if you leave, I’ll die. 

TriZZy Boi says:

Bree is bae

toulouse666 says:

~00:37 to ~00:41 – Wait, what is that a Keurig coffee machine?!
Couldn’t resist.

No but slightly more seriously, Steve genuinely seemed startled in that
take/bit, if he wasn’t then it’s excellent physical comedy as I must have
watched it 10 times already and it still makes me laugh!
In either case, I sure as fuck know that’s not how I would have reacted,
the temptation to give her a quick “Joe style” out of the blue kiss would
have been way too strong to resist, potential bullshit “sexual assault”
complaints be damned.
Which I don’t think she would have freaked-out over if ~00:13 to ~00:19 is
any indication! ;)
Which reminds me, Luke for fuck’s sake, the correct reaction to this
awesomeness is something along the lines of:
“Niiice, I wish I was that tree right now!”
Or more to the point:
“I wish it was my “tree branch” instead of that tree!”

definitionofself says:

i think you need a class act to replace lee i recommend trying to get
Cecily from maker 

Angry Happy says:

Love Bree <3

Kro says:

First of all, I’m going to miss Lee so much.

Secondly, Bree, can I take you out for a nice dinner at the Red Lobster?
You can have all the Cheddar Bay Biscuits, if you let me hold your hand. <3

killafish2171 says:

I am sad people are leaving but I am happy with will, rena, and bree. I can
watch a sourcefed with them and feel safe

J3yblivion says:

fucking will and his farts

That Weird Ninja says:

Just saying right now I was in love with Bree Essrig before she was on
Sourcefed. Now I love her even more!

Purple armadilo says:

I’ve never wanted to be a tree before this 

P Meister says:

I think bree got hired now good lord

imkluu says:

All the people I like are leaving or are gone but they added Bree and her
nippless bitties so I have something to look forward to still.

Trever Paradis says:

Always thought Bree was Sexy. Damn girl;p


Can we get ross back orrrrrrrrr????

mahdi momeni says:

Isn’t this Lee’s last video cause yesterday’s video was titled Lee s last

Monasster says:

Bree is such an amazing addition to SF :) 

Comaholic says:

I will release a special vid at 40k <3
A *+1* would be appreciated ;)

ReplacedByDrumbot says:

Bree and Will, just fuck already and get it over with.
Was that crossing a line? I’m already over the line if it was so there’s
not much I can do at this point. I could hop back over the line I suppose
but then I’d have to hold down the backspace button and that’s just too
much work for me.

vash elray says:

Bree>Lee… i dont care if im the only one

Neon DemonBlade says:

My right hand is stronger than the left 

Ritabrata Majumder says:

Bring DJ into more videos!

KyuubiValkyurie says:


notsosxechris says:

You just put the bit at the start in there to make me feel sad, didn’t you!

Gary Rousseau says:

Bree….you are awesome. Please do stuff with lee….please.

StyleshStorm says:

Strange for me to say this, but I’m actually really liking Brie. Her level
of weirdness is welcome, I… kinda want her to stay.

spaceflye says:

If Will and Steve end up leaving too, it’s over for me.

Winter Elledge says:

Imma miss Lee.

The Honey badger says:

I died at 0:39 . Steve’s reaction was amazing lmaoooo. Bree is kinda
faccking awsome xD

Jordan Rashad says:

I think Bree is hilarious and am glad to see her on SourceFed.

realchrome19 says:

Bree Bree Bree Bree. Oh Bree. lol

sensiblename says:

Bree is and is going to be amazing. Perfect everything … I’m excited

Jose Castaneda says:

Love that Bree isn’t new to the industry so she’s settling in really well
:) SF needs Brett Erlich too!

CobaltsLab says:

I like Bree. I feel like she fits right in unlike ross did, sure he was
good and all but I don’t know. although I do sometimes miss him.

Pexzee says:

More like Breepers

Mikko Bayabo says:

Why is everybody leaving?

Lionelrm says:

Kind of wish they would do a passing of the torch when we loose one of the
hosts, you know just to make it official and less of a surprise when it
happens. With that said, I think Bree is going to make an excellent
addition and can not wait to see her make Will feel uncomfortable and even
more awkward around women. :)

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