Strictly 18+ Funny Banned Commercials : Funniest Banned commercials Compilation Must Watch

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NASTY TV says:

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|funny condom commercial :

Roscoe Breitmeier says:

I lost all faith in humanity after watching the axe commercial

Mariah Doesthelaundry says:

The axe ball cleaner gets me every fucking time hahaha
“Throw those dirty balls down here!, that’s a big ballsac…”

Kara Hudson says:

The black guy LOL “WB my ball sack?” XD

Damian Nitz says:

Look the security guard cares!
Nop, jus neked

The Hostilians says:

It must have been awkward to watch that second one with your parents.

Wolfy Love says:

2:28 +TheRealAussieKitten omg u animated that, didn’t ya? XD

FunkaFong says:


rawanimo says:

All the white guys have small balls while the black guys have big balls.
The axe commercial was very realistic. 

Martin Valle says:

we can all tell why the axe commercial got banned but it was pretty funny i
got to say

-LILSLIDE- says:

I actually saw that axe commercial a couple times.

Tina TTina says:

2:33 “That means you!”
IDK XD I cant breathe.

Tyler Handly says:


HeirofRome says:

You do realize, that when you slap a, *18+* part in the name, that even
more 18- comes right?

lu wi says:

the axe detailer was the funniest XD

Avatre100 says:

My mouth hung open though out the last one. I… wow… that’s just
wierd…. I can’t even…

Joe Zylstra says:

1:08 Notice Black eyes Anyone Know why?? Shes possessed by a demon

Top10MetalSongs says:

I don’t get the second one, what’s wrong with it?

omni crux says:

Best commercial from axe ever!

maddy white says:

Dang I wish I could play with some balls right now

Luke Noble says:

The cleaning balls one is so funny 

Nick C. says:

*”What about my ballsack?”*

Ramon Harris says:

“Wha bout my baw sack?” K. Im done. 

Comraderob1 says:

Why do people make BANNED commercial videos, then put commercials that were
not banned in them, dafuq?

Jason Alexander says:

The Funny thing about this is that Today I took a bath & I use the Axe
Detailer or whatever it name was.

Fury skillz says:

No jokes i kept on klicking videos and more videos it went from music to
heavy lorries then people are awsome then now lol!


Trenton Yang says:

I love the axe one 

Arcanium69 says:

I was waiting for someone to fart in the second commercial XD

Joseph Orlando says:

Enjoyed the videos so much. I needed a good laugh to forget my problems. 

Chica The Chicken 2.0 says:

wait why did the AXE commercial get banned? i don’t get it its just balls
and it wasn’t an adult commercial so how the hell did it get banned

Cave Johnson says:

What about the carals Jr ones with the hot girls 

Afoxwithsword says:

Wait is the axe commercial cleaning for your testicles or your football
balls tennis or?

Mihail Dimitrov says:

Keep calm and clean balls

nathan lerman says:


AwesomeForever Fantage&AnimalJam says:

Woman: How can guys clean their balls? Me: Wtf that sounds wrong and girls
play with balls too

shaman omk says:


rollercoaster478 says:

The axe add was so freaking inappropriate, wtf :D

Elias Claveria says:

wouldnt a loofa be enough?

CA Goddesss says:

The axe omfg

Diana arnold says:

She was very realistic with the sense her golf ball action gave. I started
to give her privacy.

Musona Nkulu says:

WOW JUST WOW the balls I need to show my bff we will die

Christopher Phillips says:

Wonder if that old lady got all the balls innuendo or she totally knew she
was gonna be in a commercial about dirty balls and was excited but then was
thinking “hey where’s the dirty balls,all i see is sports equipment,damn”

sujay g says:


willie ponce says:

I have dirty balls that have been played with all day every day and they
need to be cleaned!

It's-Ya Boy-Bill says:

The last one had me confused as to whether the product was for sports balls
or guy balls. 

Puppyluv91 MSP says:

There was this commercial I saw and it had this guy with visions of women
in their underwear and bra. It was weird.

ramjan cox says:


aljie bartolome says:

dafaq i cant believe my self i watch this till the end >.<

jrgti80 says:

The axe ad is pathetic. Typical yanks.

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