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Michael Freeman says:

Join the leading binary options community 

Michael Freeman says:

Amazing week! I am proud to lead the best binary options signals service
and FB group online!!! 

Tim van Steen says:

This is the best group EVER. I joined the group last monday, and I never
made so much profits before! I started to trade binary options in September
2014 and since than I lost half of my balance and didn’t make much profits.
Just a week before I joined the group, I lost 90% of my account. I didn’t
know what to do, I didn’t saw a future in binary profits anymore.

Than I saw Michael’s group, and what was so remarkable, was that his group
was COMPLETELY FREE. I started thinking and came to the conclusion that I
couldn’t lose anything.

I joined the group on monday, and the first days I tried to figure out how
it al worked. And, in just 2 afternoons, i made more than 30% profits. ( !!
) and this could be so much, and much more. There are so many signals and
some traders who post signals are literally CRAZY. I don’t have to worry
anymore, because I know for sure that I make profits that day.

It’s weird to say but I can’t wait until the weekend is over, I look so
forward to make much and much more profits!! And the community is so great,
so positive, I have never seen something like this before..

Seriously, join this group, it is free, you can’t lose anything, give it a
change, it’s worth it!

Tim van Steen

anand chauhan says:

This group is a very fantastic and its real i m also a part of it & and
i feel its success. this group Gives upto 80% to 90 % ITM every day. u can
join without any kind off charges like 100 or 200 $. its Totally FREEEE.
# This groups extraordinary points :
1- michael freeman is great guy he personally talk with me when he add me .
2- group other admins is very experienced and giving 80 to 90 % ITM signal
3- new admin Valentina Velkova is also helpful to every group member
4- groups Give bonus To new talent who posting Good signals.
5- Group atmosfear is Like family.
And many more U can get here in BINARY OPTION. And i m missing all of
group member on saturday And Sunday.

Join Now :

Thanks you michael Sir


Lukasz Adams says:

I would have been enough to win you $ 200 a week, I was close to 5/6. I’m
sure I can do it. Not only that has learned how to send the signals by
which pattern and the intervals at which the damage that the end of this
week turned out to be disappointing for me. Nevertheless, I believe that we
should not buy video signals from other services.

Constance Nkomo says:

Never thought I will find something like this in binary options after so
many loses due to scams and bad account managers, this group made me not to
give up on binary options it has kind members and admins who are generating
ITM signals everyday and we are also learning a lot every day and during
weekends, this shows that the admins care about us and we do really care
about them we are a real family real deal, our great appreciation goes to
Michael Freeman who has been chosen by God to help many people all over the
world with his great heart and generosity, so join the group and see what
we are talking about. 

Matthew ferrara says:

I have been with a few other binary groups but this one I have actually
made money thanks too mike and the other admins I have regained my faith in
binary options and people as well this group is more then just a group its
a family if one of the members is having a somewhat of a off day we have
the each other too back us up we are never alone thanks mike and all the
great admins for your time and patience with us itm all the way join the

Mysterio Ent. says:

Whay is the best program for someone trading from the US? I see there is a
few options in the link?

Svetlana Stoycheva says:

I do not know other place,where to go to work with a smile and desire,be
eager to end the night and come the day,to be with your favorite group,to
putting each transaction calmly and without fear,because their in safe
hands Aditya,Rene , Rohan and Valentina,be sure that even if you lose
one,everyone else will win.These guys work for us day and night dedicated
and absolutely free!And all this we have thanks to our undisputed leader
Michael Freeman!And these are not just words.In this world of fraud and
corruption he managed to secure a place of trust,where there are no lies
,everything is open and clear.He scattereth knowledge and experience every
day is a way to stimulate us and casually handed out a bonus,motivates us
,to take care of us.It is Michael Freeman man with a big heart,very brave,
very honest and very fair.And behind it a great cause-to make as many
people smiling and happy/at least I feel it/.If someone is lost in the
search for “Financial Freedom”I can categorically say it here you will find
the right way.Be sure Michael, that each of us appreciates what gets.With
much love and gratitude.

Alexis Cox says:

First off, let me say that I am new to the group. I haven’t been this
excited about anything in a looong time. I’ve been meaning to join under
Michael since I saw a video he did on gold last year. Now I really wish I
hadn’t taken so long. This isn’t just a group, we treat each other like
family or long time friends. It isn’t just about signals, knowledge is also
being given away in this group. If you have any questions, they get
answered. To make it better, bonuses are given away. That’s unheard for any
signals service I know of. Many people in this industry are only out to get
what they can from you but this group is different. I cannot wait for the
fantastic things to come with this group and its wonderful leaders. I wish
EVERYONE much success!!

liza tay says:

i have been in this group since the beginning, i was one of first 70
members and i watch this group grow from 70 members to 800 family members
strong! I been extremely blessed that when i first started in BO i didnt go
through scams and bad experiences by trying random signal providers out
there , so if you are new this is definitely the place to start..unless u
willing to blow up a couple of hundreds or thousands before finding
something that works! Not only is this group FREE, yes FREE , you also get
the highest ITMS and with the best support you can ever dream off. MIkes an
awesome leader, he takes care of his family members and continues to
inspire us and his ATM machines to only give and be the best everyday! His
family members all 800 of us stand behind him with his ATM machines and
together we are all changing the world one ITM at a time!! and thats 80 to
100% ITMS daily ! #yousnoozeyoulose
#bestgroupever #NotAScam #LifeChanging #DreamTeam #family

Sue Houghton says:

Michael you are the most amazing person that I have ever had the pleasure
to meet. Your generosity is astounding and I don’t think you realize how
much you touch people’s lives. Your heart shines thru and reaches us all.
So I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without you, your teachings,
your confidence and motivation I would never have had the courage to start
trading. This is by far no ordinary binary options signals service, it is
the VERY BEST OUT THERE. I don’t think you can even call it a service, it
is sooo much more. Fantastic Admins who continue to deliver great signals
everyday, ITM’s 80-90%. Great family community, opportunity to win cash
bonuses, anything you what to know gets answered straight away what more
could you possibly ask for. Ooh and did I mention its all free. ABSOLUTELY

Reuben Mattinson says:

Michael Freeman is the most honest, diligent, selfless and compassionate
binary options leader I have ever come across. Every service in comparison
has been a scam.
Michael Freeman’s Facebook group not only provides quality advice and
support but incredibly consistent signals day in day out above 80% ITM.
I know you may not want to trust again but you should take a step of faith,
in the right direction this time.
I’m a professional full time teacher who is a man of his word, so please
trust me.
If you still don’t believe me feel free to contact me on my email and we can chat.
Take care and God bless

Prasad Kelkar says:

One of my best decision to join this group. This group is real. Its beyond
BEST !!! The guys are dedicated, hardworking and approachable at any time.
Michael freeman is a really amazing guy. He is very sincere and clear about
the rules. He manages the group very well. Mike even if I say Thank you.
You deserve more than Thank you for your good work. Also those 14 Unlike on
this Video are the hatters of this group who don’t know how to success in
life. I give a big THUMBS UP to this group. Anyone reading this should just
joined the group. You will realize the importance of what and why I am
saying this once you join the group. God bless.

Kendora Lightbourn says:

When joining Michael’s group I was brand new to trading. I did not know the
first thing about trading and depended greatly on Michael’s and the
administrators instructions. I can now say that after close to a month of
being in Michael’s group that I have not only enjoyed the high ITM average
rate but because of the group and it’s administrators I have learned so
much more about trading. In the group not only will you enjoy a high ITM
daily average but the administrators post lessons on trading for everyone
to learn and become and overall better trader. Michael is such an amazing
person that he throws contests for traders who would like to post signals
and have consistently high performances. He also gives the group quizzes so
that he can get an idea of what all the traders in the group currently
knows and needs to know so he or the administrators can provide the
training and also gives money prizes. I am beyond happy and blessed to have
found Michael and be apart of this amazing group. I encourage anyone who
may be thinking about joining or who are not sure that joining Michael’s
group will the best thing you can ever do for your trading career. We are
constantly welcoming new members and if all of that was not good enough
IT”S FREE! Hope to be welcoming you in there soon!

lilmandy10 says:

What can be said about Michael Freeman’s facebook family? Well, it’s a
place to get real time signals from real people who have a great amount of
incentive(s) to pull in winning trades. You probably read online that
Michael is a scammer, I know I did. After you ask to join the family you
will see for yourself that Michael is a real person that doesn’t charge for
his service, all he asks for is donations. It’s a place to earn, learn and
not a get rich overnight scam. Give it a try and you will probably love
it, in fact I’m sure you will. You won’t find any scams just true blue
people wanting to help us make money. See you on the inside.

nihas babu ps says:

This group is noooo one man show. Its not a robot. There are genuine people
in this team. A team of awsome..excellent..budding.. Traders. This a team
which is bound to perform to its maximum potential. A team mentored admined
inspired by mike. A team you are in love with all 24 hrs. A team that backs
you up even if you fail to come up to standards of this team..

Join this team join the mike family.. Dont be alone..we can win as one.
Learn from greats

Thank you mike & all other admins & friends

Dejan Linasi says:

Incredible group and the best traders you can ever imagine, i love you all
guys, jo in the best group

Adriano Lemos da silva says:

Very good Mike , nice video end congratulations on achieving your goals be
to leverage the group fb hand signals , without doubt is hather the best
service group signals that there is end the best is free and it is up to us
followers members we give one symbolic value as thanks there are so hard
all admins in special its Mike . It is important to clarify that donation
is not mandatory and can be used part of the profit that certainly happened
. I highly recommend Michael Freeman´s Manual Signals Fb Group . Thank you
Mike and there are all admins , I love you guys !!! , Aditya you are from
another world haha , Rohan is incredible to be alien and also Rene Gz a
trading Lion Binary hahaha .

lopo says:

Lemme give you some points here, real talk.
Michael freeman is a successful man, success meaning he is 100& selfless
(raised hella lot money for syrian orphans), settles disputes against
brokers, provides in depth videos educating you and alerting you against
scams, he and his work is 100% real and legit. Wait it gets better! He
opens up a FB group providing awesome signals! He has given me (and hundred
others) to earn cash on the side.
For all those haters, sceptics, pessimist whatever they’re called I dare
you to fault this guy with proof and double dare you to join his signals
group. Don’t hate based on your opinion unless you know something for sure!
I ain’t kissing his ass in any way! I’ve been following for over a year now
and followed his contributions to the industry and I respect that!
Now I got that off my chest, Mike, admins and fellow traders have a
wonderful weekend, chillax have some drinks and I’ll cya Monday!

Louis DAgostino says:

Hello Everyone…I want to share my thoughts on what Michael Freeman has
accomplished. I have been trading binary options for over a year and with
limited success. I have been taken advantage of and been told by many
managers of binary option companies how they are going to help me make
money. I can tell you without reservation that they are all full of it.
I happen to stumble upon Mike’s group one day and followed his
videos and blog and was able to educate myself with his information. He
provided a fantastic insight into the world of binary options and
throughout the process I have watched him grow into what I consider the
BEST source of information on the planet.
So you would think that’s enough for one guy to do but then the next
thing you know Michael starts a signal service for the entire world free of
charge…and it’s a signal service that is second to none. I have never
seen such an amazing group of people gather together and work so hard at
providing complete strangers with a way to make money. What an unselfish
act for all the contributors and most importantly I really hope everyone
that trades in binary options sees this for what it is, the BEST SIGNAL
Michael Freeman is the kind of person that deserves a tremendous
amount of respect and admiration not only for the signal service and what
he has done for the binary options world, but for what I feel what he does
for everyone. I really don’t know Michael and someday I would appreciate
meeting him because he wears his heart and soul for everyone to see and is
passionate about what he does not only for us as a group but for his
charities, that he generously gives to.
We should all be very thankful and grateful to Michael and the entire group
for all of their efforts. Please give back and pay this forward and help
our world be a better place.

Dom Mer says:

Hi everyone,
I don’t understand why anyone would give this video a thumbs down. I am a
father two children my newborn is almost 2 weeks old. I lost my job and
this puts me in a very sensitive situation. So I decide to find something
new and fell on Michael Freeman. Even though I lost money in binary options
and need a lot of help to recover my losses, I believe that this is the
place to be. The signals are HOT the only problem is my computer is slow
and I end up putting trade way too late.
Now the real problem is that I ran out of funds, but I still go to the site
to see what is going on all the time.
The key to success is to be surrounded by winners, and avoid dealing with
In this group I believe they are all winners. I feel deeply about this
group even though it is new to me, and consider them all my friends even if
we never met.
They support me and teach me and truly I feel loved…I am a big tough
Italian man 260lbs but this site made me soft again.
Anyhow I never write anything on the internet but Mike you deserve it all.
I believe by asking who your friends are I know who you really are.
This being said I am proud to be friends with everyone on Michael Freeman
signal site.

Mark Lim says:

I came across BO a few months back but it was a really bad experience
because of fraud and scam. I am really grateful to have Michael helping me
out when I was in trouble back then. This signal group got me fired up
again to try BO because I saw so much results people are getting and how
supportive the community is, especially of the great impression I have for
Michael. I am forever grateful for Michael and his work of the signal group
. I started small but I am seeing gradual improvement now with the

Tracy Melville says:

Michael Freeman, I want to start off by saying thank you. You are such a
blessing to everyone in the group. About two months ago I lost my job. I
had tried binary options brokers in the past and ended up losing everything
I had put in my account. After losing my job I wasn’t sure what I could do.
I needed to pay the bills with no sure sight on how I was going to be able
to. I found out about this group and decided to give it a try. It started
off slow as I wasn’t sure which trades I wanted to follow. However as time
went on I found out I could trust the admins. Every day my account was
increasing. I am currently able to pay all of my bills off the money that I
have earned thanks to this amazing group. Words can not describe how
thankful I am for this. You are all such a blessing to every one of us and
for that, I will always be indebted to you all. Thank you Michael Freeman.
And God bless you!

Lee Wayne says:

It is pure excellence. Words cannot fathom the possibilities of what this
group contains. I remember..when Mike started helping people like me a few
years ago through his videos. This industry was so common people
were easy pray for these scammers. I was ignorant about many things. But
Micheal really made a difference. An effort. A fight to make everything
happen up until now. This group was a brilliant idea and has
instructed,motivated,and inspired. I truly say to all that.. this will never find it else where. And to those that have negativity
towards this movement.. I pity you.
To your success Micheal Freeman! Cheers!

Nazimuddin Khwaja says:

There are always boulders in our path…it is your choice to use it as a
stumbling block or a stepping stone!

Michael Freeman has made it possible for all of us! His real mentoring and
leadership is truely and really become a success!
I am very glad and happy to be a part of his group. Thank you Michael for
this opportunity.

Riku Järvinen says:

This is not just the best binary option group. This is not a group at all.
This is the best binary option family. We do trades together. We learn
together. There are no single member who will say otherwise.

I have to say,i don’t know anything about binary trading… yet. I am still
winning with these amazing people who teach and guide you.

Ronnie Halfacre Tellerman says:

This group is changing my life! I have worked so long and hard for
pennies online…all the time trying to learn to trade. Mike brought the
knowledge, the lessons, and finally, the group! Inless than two weeks, I
have more than doubled my initial deposit amount with my broker! PLUS..I
have made new friends..learned much..and am having a ball! Bless you
Michael Freeman, the Admin here..and all my new friends…. <3

Pritesh Hathalia says:

Hey Michael,

Thank you so much for the bonus, more then the Bonus thank you for saying
my name on your video,

Had a bad Friday for me as i was away from laptop all day but hope to get
back on from next trading days.

May the force of trading be with us

Hendry de la Hunt says:

If you do not belief a word Michael is saying in this video, join the
facebook group to see for yourself. Interaction with other traders,
Michael’s personal involvement, the great signals from admins including
other traders and making a profit is all you will find here.

Line Chapadeau says:

Michael Freeman is the most unselfish person I have ever come across. What
he has accomplished so far is just remarkable. Instead of charging people
for his signals, he asks for donations only if you can afford it or once
you’ve made some profits. The donations help reward the Admins who provide
us with great ITM signals around the clock. The complicity this group
shares is amazing, it feels like a second family. There is always someone
to answer your questions, help you out or cheer you up! This group/family
is just awesome and I am so proud to be part of it. If you want to succeed
with BO and make friends along the way, this is the best group ever out
there folks!!! God Bless you Mike for this group/family and all your hard

Joel R says:

I am glad to be apart of Michael Freeman’s Facebook signals group. There
are so many positive people willing to help and offer support with new
people. The trading success rate is very surprising with great results
every day. I am glad not to be trading my account by myself now that I have
the support of Michael Freeman’s facebook group. 

Glynn U says:

I must thank Michael Freeman and the great team of administrators that he
has put together. If you want a Real Return when trading Binary Options,
this is the family to Join. Yes, I say FAMILY, because there is so much
support, love and success, it’s simply the best Binary Options group on the
planet! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. In a world of scams and greed,
believe me, this is the REAL DEAL!

james mullen says:

how do we, donate? 

Ales Bates says:

I have been a trader for 9 months now and I have come across thousands of
signals group but this group….is just OUTSTANDING. First of all, this
group sends about 20+ signals a day, you know the saying that says “quality
over quantity” well, this group has BOTH, that’s right, the administrators
are EXTREMELY TALENTED, so talented that one of the administrators got
15/15 ITMS TWICE in a row, that is just a sneak peak of what’s next to
come, when you join this group, you will not feel abandon like other
services do to you, you will feel like you’re in a family, with brothers
and sisters, when a member has a doubt or question, he will get helped
right away from the other members, if you think Michael is somehow a scam,
then your dead wrong because he’s been in this Industry for years and the
only reason he’s so famous at it, it’s because he’s dead honest and humble
to every one of his followers, and that kind of quality just always comes
out to the public,I have been able to pay my debt and give my family
presents just because this amazing group Michael has created, if you are
currently struggling financially, and you think binary options is the way
to go, then you came to the right place my friend, because this group is

Cailin Kuit says:

Michael Freeman’s group is the best signal service i’ve ever joined. I lost
quite some money before i joined mike’s signals. We have 4 admins priving
signals, and we have an amzingly high itm rate of sometimes 90% per day.
Come join our group if you are serious about making some real money, and
learn about binairy options in the proces Heres the link to Mikes facebook

Dustin Martin says:

Before I joined your group Michael I had lost just at 900$ in binary
options scams and me losing trades. I am slowing building my profits up day
by day now thanks to you. You seriously changed my life and you are making
a lot of people happy with your services. Your the best at what you do and
I’m very thankful I found you. I reccomend to ANYONE looking for a great
group and something that’s gonna work for helping you to join this group.

lgeuther says:

I have been with this group for over a month now and I can tell you from
experience it is real!!! Not only is Michael Freeman the real deal, there
are also other admins that rock the house with ITM’s daily, such as Aditya,
Rene, Rohan and others. If you join this group you WILL make money. I
have lost money in the past from shady dealings but am now finally making
it back thanks to Michael and the wonderful admins. ITM’s for ALL!!!!!

angel M Bautista says:

he notado que este gran grupo es muy recomendado por algunas personas ya
que estan confiados de ustedes espero poder estar tomado las señales con
ustedes la proxima semana, un saludo y suerte a todos :D son grandiosos 

Hugo Dionisi says:

Hey Mike!! Thank’s dude for leting me be part of this amasing family =] I’m
glad I met you! And would like to thank also all the great ADM’s that are
providing great signals for all of US! “)

Fernandez Evans says:

Thank you Michael for changing my life. I had extra bills and life had me
down. I had a hope in binary options that seemed to be full of scams but
you brought me out of that. You have changed my life and are a blessing to
people like me who want to do binary options.

Daniel Osias says:

I can say that this is the best binary options signal group and community
in general that I have ever seen! I have been doing this for 2 months and
have never gotten the returns that I have gotten by following Michael and
these admins. They are so accurate with price action and genuine!! I’m
grateful for this opportunity. If you are looking for the leading group
online, you have found it. Michael freeman is the best leader in this

Syed Muhammad Mohiuddin says:

Michael you the best mentor ever and i am just to be a part of this group.
you are not training us to become successful trader but also putting us on
the path to success. Thanks Michael and all awesome admins. specially
Aditya – a Gladiator :)

Eric Hendrix says:

I am eager to get to know everyone. Here’s to profiting and learning from
each other. I’m new to the group. My first trade with the group will be
next week, I’m excited.

Steve White says:

I have been with this group 3 weeks
doubled my money , had fun , learnt a lot and found some GREAT people
you are a fine and honest man Michael leading a wonderful team
more power to you and yours

April O says:

By far this is the BEST ITM signals group for binary option! But best of
all there’s no monthly fee to pay! Here’s a more in detail review of what
you get from this Amazing group… check it out.

Adeyimika Olayinka says:

This is the best signal group in the whole world, I have once paid to be in
a group before but you cant compare the ITM of that group to this one I
joined free of charge. Everyday the itm of this awesome group is over 80%
and where I used to pay is less than 70%. Another good thing about this
signal is that it runs 24 hrs no matter your time zone you will always get
signal from our dedicated admins. Every trading day you are getting not
less than 30 itms signals. A trial will convince you because you can never
find a group like this in the whole universe. No monthly payment , it is
very easy to join.This is a group where a good trader can win cash bonuses
of up to $1000 by contributing to the group where a good trader that
contribute to the group automatically turn to admin and you get paid weekly
for your service. A group where you will learn how to trade and still
answer a quiz to know your level of understanding at the same time you will
get paid if you answer all the quizzes correctly. It is nice to be in this
group and by been here you will accomplish all what you dream for by
always getting more than 80% itm every trading day. Thanks to Michael and
to all Admins for make this group the best community in the whole world.

Miral Sawjani says:

Great video… Looking forward to learning and development with a great
team. Every one who is not part of the group should join. It’s an
experience not to be missed and one that will not be regretted 

Micheal james Sidney says:

wow!1000$ reword, congrats aditya!!!!and also all hu t fallow the group,
awesome mike all I can say is THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOD BLESS YOU

Dejan Linasi says:

Michael and the team are really doing everything to help people succeed and
also commiting to expose scams that are in binary options every day. Thank
you for doing that

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