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Bella LPS TV says:

She is on BuzzFeed

Epags Gamer says:

Under 301 club, may I get you a drink sir?

Ethan Colicchie says:

Song at 0:18?

Top Viners 2 says:

Please leave a like if you enjoyed and tell me what you think in the
comments! Thanks :)

Jay Mark Cajes says:

Shes cute!! :)


is gabby related to jenna marbles #look alike

Sammeer Vatts says:

Great compilation!awesome videos!

Chimaera Ultimo says:

Second comment and… 9th veiw? I guess?

bellyboo1313 says:

Lol I’m a girl named gabrielle watching a girl whose full name is gabrielle

Colourific Plays says:

So funny

chamarll jeanbaptiste says:

Dude i love your videos

Hittykat Plays minecraft says:


Hudson Hoag says:

Ur videos are always great, also will u do a challenge video like a try not
to laugh thing, please

Alex Akmanov says:


M!SS M!A says:

Haha! I love this girl! Especially when she does vines with Jessi!

Katelyn Wetherell says:
fredrick roman says:


TheFrostyTiger says:


Madison Brinkman says:

Lol lol lol lol

Francisco Javier says:

I love her :B

christian goss says:

Funny video

Andrew Morrone says:

Yessssss uhhhhhhhh

Dionte Turner says:

You are hot Gabbie

Devin Mosley says:


The5th wolf says:

0:22 song?

TrollKing123 Lasvegas14 says:

She is my type DAMN that ass

Devin Gibbs says:

As some☺☺

NeonHexTech says:


the happy poppy says:

Comment 37

InfintyHolly says:


Timothy garcia says:


Darwin Watterson says:

Cool vine

Abby Walsh says:


chamarll jeanbaptiste says:

First comment

chamarll jeanbaptiste says:


maisey ostler says:

Unloved this acc xx

Donovan Dorsey says:


Xbox Miner Games says:

Lol EVRYONE except me said first

Sakonda says:

she have big boobs :v

Robert N says:

Your so funny keep making more vines Plzz 

Jeff Money says:

y don’t ya call this SEX VINE all she wants is the SASAUGE

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