The Wubble Bubble: Epic Fail! Uncensored Real Life Review!

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The Wubble Bubble: Epic Fail! Uncensored Real Life Review! Join Our Glitterful World! Subscribe to become an “Official” Glitter Critter! Click here to watch my boyfriend plays with my…

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Nerdy Frostbite says:


xxmakeupiscoolxx says:


BellezzaBeauty03 says:


Neon Peeps says:

Was this inspired by grav3yardgirl?

Denyse Jones says:

This was so funny Breland!

Aurora Hindman says:

I don’t usually laugh out loud at online stuff/videos but when you and
David were knocking stuff over everywhere I lost it and cracked up and
looked exactly like this >>

Арина Конова says:

I’m from Russia. You good and beautiful :)

sophia salden says:

I love you And david ❤️ relationship goals

Lindsey Innes says:

Oh my goodness haha! I was laughing so much at all the stuff crashing and
banging about your room whenever it was thrown hahahaha, who knew a wubble
bubble could cause so much destruction hahah! 

swimlovepeace says:

Thanks so much breland for responding to comments! I love you and I love ur
bubbly personality!!!!

Joanna Martinez says:

This was so funny and cool! Love you Breland!

ThatChickShanice says:

your honestlyy soo gorgeous & ilyssm❤️

Emileigh-Sue Edmister says:

Lol “Their pictures suck!” Lmbo. I love you Breland! +GlitterForever17 

Lakelyn Parker says:

I was watching the wubble bubble videos this morning! Saw on your Instagram
you were posting it today! Looked on My subscriptions and there was your
video! So excited!

Annabelle Rose says:

Watching from Seattle!!

Ms.Kitty !! says:

Great video Breland ,Also what editor use?(11th comment)

Alexa Lopez says:

I love her . And I think she is amazing . But every time she says ” HEY
It is so fucking annoying . 

♥PrettyGirlSwag♥ says:

I Am An Offical Glitter Critter! <3 :* I’ve Been Watching Your Channel Ever
Sense You Started But I Just Subscribed!!! Love U

LifeofFallon says:

Ive never heard of this thing before, it looks fun!

Summer Nielsen says:

Hey Bree! Can you convince my mom to let me chew gum with braces? Thanks

Sheyna Deleon says:

Omg your so funny is it actually really hard to inflate?? 

jazmyn jamieson says:

I loved the video I’m probably gonna buy one now……⭕⭕⭕

Rianna DuVall says:

Hi Breland! I really love you and I wish we could communicate. Well
whatever. I LOVE YOU

Savana Thorsen says:

I love your makeup and outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Celeste Ramirez says:


Fabia Abdus says:

I love you so much, you are my inspiration , I was busy so I couldn’t watch
your videos but now I can, yuppie. From UK

Lidia Valle says:

I fill bad for your nail

kimberly rodriguez says:

watching from tennessee

Jennifer Desrochers says:

When ur angry just say Wubble Bubble

Teenageheart16 says:

Im gonna ask my mom to buy me Wubble Bubble.. You’re Awesome..Ily.. 

Julia Wilson says:

You should do Easter diys or just an Easter themed video next!!

Neo-Faith Neomi says:

This video saved me from boredom! LOVE YOU LOTS BRELAND ♥

Erika Guerrero says:

I love you Breland!!! (:

Animal lover23 says:

Teddy tanks please

Priscilla Esparza says:

Try hair chalk please!!

katarina zist says:

+GlitterForever17 your editing is perfect. You have a glittercritter in
Slovenia (Europe) <3 <3 ilysm

Miasfashionandbeauty says:

How old are you? 

Robin Jenny says:

Love your videos

Jordyn Princess says:

This is exactly why we have graveyard girl

Sakari Makeup says:


Mariam Hermiz says:

I love your vedios are amazing

Kenya Cocom says:

Do you still have braces if you do can you do a video of you getting the

Logan Ryan says:

OMG so funny, I love when everything in your room keep falling! lol! Love
you so much Breland!

poop lover says:

2:39 her voice “no one told me haw hard this was” LOVE THAT

Dana Reeves says:

Dang it i missed you commenting back to me! I was coming back from a road
trip! But I love you so much Breland!!!!!!!

Vivian Uchiha says:

Could u make vids about Pinterest fails or wins

Danae Caster says:

Glad you didn’t give up!! Sometimes I get so frustrated with instructions
cause there so bad that I have to get Theo to help me!!

Far Above Rubies says:

Great editing!

Abigail Richards says:

LOL!!!! This video was hilarious! I am officially a glitter critter, I
subscribed! Ps I’m already in love with your channel!

Samantha Wiggins says:

Bre I love your videos I’m thinking of starting.a channel of my own you
definitely inspired me to follow me dreams love ya girl

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