Top 14 Funny Commercial Compilation – Sexy Funny Commercials – Super Bowl Funny Video

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Trends TV says:

#funny #funnyvideo #bannedcommercial #commercial

Lucy Taylor says:

Woah only 20 haters!!

Maria Fuentes says:

Why did the one of at 4.57 got banned??

RagingAsianGuy says:

4:04 I’m not a CoD guy anymore, do you have a BF instead?

OriginalAnonymous1 says:

Why did the one @ 4:11 get banned?? Hot gorgeous blonde girl dancing in a
tight pair of blue shorts and blue tank top…..THe gir was gorgeous,
anyone know who she is??

Bay Shift says:

What was the song during the car was commercial. ( I think it might be

chimeranzl says:

Eh, its refreshing to watch something a little amusing than the doom and
gloom end of days 2015 apocalypse videos sprawled out over Youtube…

fares Jabra says:


knightace2002 says:

man…..that was some wierd ass shit lol. some are kinda sexist tho so.

Alex Krauss says:

The Headphone commercial was so….. painful

Alexander Prud'homme says:

Do the products give me the same kind of boner? 

Basim Hadad says:

that was so stupid and wired

Khan G says:

Top 14 Funny Commercial Compilation – Sexy Funny …:

Johnny Bui says:

I want that glasses…

Kngaritja Erleuchtung says:
Joker Lara says:

So hot!!!

shimon greenbarg says:

Funny Commercial Compilation #2 – Sexy Funny Comm…‏:…~_~Hahahaha

Trends TV says:

#funny #funnyvideo #bannedcommercial #commercial

Manuel Benedicto Martinez Angulo says:

Funny Commercial Compilation #2 – Sexy Funny Comm…:

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