Top 5 Fails : Heroes of the Storm – Ep. 2 /w MFPallytime | Heroes of the Storm Gameplay

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TGN Partner MFPallytime brings you the second episode of Top 5 Fails for Heroes of the Storm – Blizzard Entertainment’s League of Legends competitor for PC. Pallytime collects the TGN Community’s.

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TGN says:

Three golems, one video.

Allen Barker says:

2 boss golems that were gift wrapped by stitches.”stitches love you!! Here

ewok king says:

5 golems were harmed in the making of this vidieo The two on haunted mines
and 1 on blackhearts bay also the 2 on the cursed hollows :)

sone garcia says:

3 Boss Golem in 1 video…where we witness a true friendship created by
eric and diablo. T_T

Al's Playworld says:

Well, the two on cursed hollow and Erik’s BFF are “golems”, but the intro
scarab? I mean, sure he’s made of sand, but I feel like he wouldn’t like

TheMagicBeaner says:

It was three boss golems I suppose. Since you said golems I won’t include
the boss from the sky temple.

Ashral says:

ヽ༼⊙_⊙༽ノ Oops I shot the golem

ShenMerrick says:

Well it depends how you look at it. There is the Sky Temple golem in the
intro video…if you count that. Then there are two golems which spawn on
the haunted mines, but they are never on screen…so I can’t say if they
are really featured. Then we saw 1 golem on the Bay, and 2 in the Hollow.
So…depending on how you judge this, if could be any of the following
answers: 3, 4, or 6. I think I should win for calculating that all out. :p
<3 you TGN!

Megaman Beastout says:

technically three golems on screen, if u look at things at another
perspective there were up to 8 boss golems (intro boss, haunted mines golem
not on screen, 1 on the pirate map, 2 on the raven map with 2 not on
screen, and the plant golem in the ending) 

klyxes says:

I would like to say 4 for the boss at the intro, but since you said
featured then only the boss golems on the last three plays were the one who
were featured in today’s video.

Alex Vanecek says:

3 in the episode!! 

Brent Rieger says:

I’m counting four if you include the boss from the episode one clip in the
beginning. If not then only 3 golems were shown! Can’t have too many

Sparkay64 says:

three golems where there and did arise
to cast their rage on those just by

for one lead Nova to her demise
as her auto-attacks was much a surprise

and poor old Stitches, he should be chastise
cause not once but twice he was indubitable unwise

three golems where there and did arise
regarding these player’s actions, wondering what does it implies

creldest says:

Eric’s best friend, diablo’s free win, and the stitches slaughter were the
3 boss golems, with special guests scarab dude from sky temple and the
haunted mines skull golems.

RaireDidimus says:

1 soaked the Nova mis-click, 2 stolen with help of “enemy” Stitches. 3
total. Those Stitches fails were killer, btw.

DJ Scheerer says:

Just 3 bruh.

pentii varg says:

3 including the viking loving golem, not counting the sand boss since its
not a golem!

Sérgio Salgado says:

3 Golems were featured in them fails. The Nova killer and the two golems
that became friends of the red and blue teams respectively.

misterJ420 says:

there were 3 golems featured in this upload of yours chief!

Allen Coe says:

3 golem if you don’t count the one from sky temple you showed in the intro.
If you do count it then 4

James Baldwin says:

Three golems were harmed during the making of these video.Two on Cursed
hollow. One on Blackhearts Bay

Corey Reece says:

Two “stolen” golems and one golem who doesn’t like it when vikings are

Zipydooda says:

There were 3 featured golems in this video. (4 if you count the Sky Temple

powmow super says:

3 golems were shown – my favorite one was with the golems best friend Eric 

David Messmer says:

Three golems featured in plays, if they count there was one in the intro
from last fails video and the not shown golem in the mines

Emiliano Cabrelli says:

there were 3 golems in this video, one to protect each viking :D

Samuel Long says:

technically four golems. The one in the intro counts right? Unless you’re
talking about skull golems then three. 

Adam Mada says:

3 boss golems were featured in the video two in the cursed hollow map and
one at the top of blackheart’s bay 

The Unforgettable Icyhawk43 says:

I see a lot of threes and fives and a couple fours… but no sixs. My final
answer is six.

LethalDamage says:

4 boss camps because of the intro otherwise 3 golems…

Lord Shaper says:

3 golems!!! but there should always be more!

Rashomonking says:

3 magnificent, b-e-a-utiful golems were featured on this fine episode of

Lotrfan45 says:

3 golems The BFFs, the Fatal Fishhook, and The many mistakes. For a grand
total of 3

john basture says:

There were 3 golems but if you count the beetle golem at the intro and the
two on haunted mine it would be six :)

Smile says:

4 golems if you count the one at the beginning 

Kledof says:

If that scarab at the start counts four, and the dragon knight being a
player golem I guess, I don’t know my comment wasn’t a total fail at least

Gabriel Boisvert says:

Three golems, 4 if u count the one from the clip at the beggining

IkarosTypeAlpha says:

number 4 is actually really common. Had an ally DK kick an enemy onto me
quite a number of times lol

ben wolstenholme says:

there where 4 golems in the video all who love the vikings very much :)

Jonathan Chua says:

3 golems

Parker Douglas says:

1 Boss Scarab thing and 3 Boss Golems.

bettlebomb1212 says:

5 golems of different types 

Middreks says:

There were 3 boss golems in this video. +1 extra if we count the intro boss
on Sky Temple.

Daniel Mahecha Sanchez says:

4 golems (if u count the intro one. 3 golems if not) 

Petur Hans Neslíð says:

Three golems, and a wonderful video :D

Chad Geister says:

Three boss golems in the clips.

Graphics User says:

Four, including the one in the intro :P

Bob Ryan says:

There were 4 boss golems in this video 

Gaby Bacigalupo says:

3 golemns. but 2 other non golemn friends 

mattchon12 says:

does david dislike his fan 

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