Top 5 LCS Fails | Spring Week 5 & 6 (League of Legends)

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SuchPlayDoge says:

Grill, Are you Tristana? Because I want to put my hot rocket in your pocket.
Gurl, you are so hot, Shyvana said: Damn she hot
This will dtop all the panties in Lol trust me, I make videos on how to get
grills in lol.

XeeroS says:


jhl4599 says:

I don’t see how bjergson’s play was bad. He was calculating how far
Mancloud was going to travel if he had kept going and it just so happened
mancloud just recalled when vision wore off.

MrDeathprof says:

they are not even good just wait for me to get lcs

Doge Yasuo says:

;-; sempre o único BR

TeChniiCoM says:

FIRST:D btw great video as always

MachinimaRealm says:

Even the professionals fail sometimes.

Top 5 LCS Fails | Spring Week 5 & 6 by @Respawnd_LoL 

MiniKronos SG says:

U have showed that bonus clip a few time and it was quite a while a go, was
it week 5? Though it was like week 3 or 4

Indices says:

Please. Link is the worst mid player in lcs. Ever since s3. His performance
was always so bad. They kick out seraph and dexter etc, but never realise
that the weak link of clg is link himself.

艹 hoyamons says:

you mean, Team Coast big plays?

Justin Sitjar says:

None of the bad smites made the list, specifically Azingy’s smites

Thiago santinho says:

“Visão é tudo , visão é OP” -Sion / CBLOL pls

SuperarashLoL says:

Xpecial be like “im Not in TSM anymore, but CLG is still shit!” xD

Tzigor says:

Old clips repeated from another channels

oliver boudet says:

Insted of marking top 5 fails + bonus just put top 6 fails

augustas dubikaltis says:

Hey Realm make a video on top 5 or 10 jukes i really wanna see them and to
all the players out there go juke more and send it to Realm :D:D and i
might aswell send a few or one video… but i want to know what should i
use 2 record my video ? plz answer anyone doesin’t matter just tell me if
you know :) thx 

JButty EUW says:

Are you guys just copying dodgedlol?..

der kuchen says:

TSM or TTL ?!?!?!?! XDDDDDDD

AkitsuRevenged says:

Kd os BR porra?

DIM GOGL says:

they are worse noobs than pl too

TheNitrophoenix says:

To be fair in the first place clip that would have hit zed if he kept

Dean Holberton says:

Number 2 and the 2nd bonus weren’t rly fails

Tostami says:

How is the Bjergsen one a fail? it would have been sick, won’t call it a

Dominik Paul says:

Whats about the legendary Fox Ori Ult on himself xD

ZalgoOfficial says:

R u tellin me that even in LCS they didn’t learn to NEVER CHASE ?

Kantinan Bandasak says:

Saintvicious is the worst player I ever seen in LCS – -

Abdirasak Ali says:

Forgive me if im wrong but shouldn’t the thumbnail say week 5/6?

Leonardo Ramos says:

Top 5 fails amd moments CBLOL plis ?

For the braziliam subuscriver

Sammy Truong says:

I’m suprised u didn’t put clg vs cost fail flash hook

Eric Mouloud says:

Always plays from NA xddd EU level > NA level

darkspider50 says:

el expecial no era janna xD

TSM Play says:

Kkkkk,agr senti q tenho esperança

jim says:

lcs fails without bjergking can’t exist :D

Rampageplaysgames says:

They forgot Azingy and his Ap Vi

4yoyoman says:

Join the Glorious Evolution! 

Eduardo Solorzano says:

Asi de malos y en campeonatos no jodan..

fredodu tavu says:

dat leblanc disrespect XDDD

Alberto López Rodríguez says:

this video is a fucking shit

Bacteria EMECE says:

Top 5 NA LCS Fails i’d say

alex zhang says:

that bjergson…

Monkey D. Luffy says:

don’t forget to see the bonus

shadowcs. says:

1:38 that laugh, damn

Tris F says:

All Teams NA…

Weaponize says:


Ryan Goorappa says:

song’s name?

Arthur Tribeck Maciel says:


Florian Rock says:

3rd tho <3 ;D

Stefan Stefanov says:

bjerg pls :D

Sander Ryckbosch says:

110 viewer

Bestmailbox says:


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