TOP 8 Banned Funny Commercials, Planet Fitness Series

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Collection of funny commercials from Planet Fitness. Funny Banned Commercial Banned Funny Commercial.

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Mike Dawson says:

Tis true. Planet Fitness definitely isn’t a gym 

Thom P. Tiers says:

They’re really making fun of yoga and Zumba? If you’re “intimidated” by
things like that, just stay home.

soulkiss31 says:

The planet fitness *nice ass* commercial is not banned in Maryland being
that I just saw it yesterday.

CivilWarz says:

Go to the gym put your head phones in get in the zone and work out. Fuck a
tv and everyone else just focus on you. These commercials are for stupid
fucking people.


I love the Planet Fitness commercials. If some don’t like the place then
don’t go to it. 

Hale Cesar says:

That booty short commercial was the best one by far lol 

Toska8895 says:

so if i understand those ads right, there is a place where all ugly, fat,
lazy women und pussy bitch ass men gather so the gyms are free for hot
girls and men who train hard? I LOVE PLANET FITNESS!!

Breanna Mcclung says:

Why did you said that bad word 889

Breanna Mcclung says:

And plant fitness is a gym

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