Top Fails – Day 100

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LolUltimate Bravery says:

Check out my channel! its not that bad :D

caceteirooooo says:


André Silva says:


Alen Bogadi says:

fail not play

snudncj says:

請各位搜尋【 請各位幫幫忙尋找愛犬! 】走失時間 2013/04/20
請各位搜尋【 請各位幫幫忙尋找愛犬! 】走失時間 2013/04/20
狗主人很擔心! 著急! 請各位幫幫他~ 謝謝您~ 感恩~

SangerZonvolt says:

Assuming he knew they were doing baron. I think he just wanted to chase cait and went to panikmode when he saw the rest of the team. Easy to say how it COULD have been done better afterwards, nut those are splitsecond-decissions.

Zean Faith says:

if you can see she use last skill and it missed yet she still follow oriana and the turret is hitting her. so isn’t that a fail?

Zean Faith says:

lux is failt MrArne

DC marcelo says:

hahahah that lee sin xD

Hieronymator says:

Fiora….. wasnt that the worlds best Blitzcrank?

themaddscientist009 says:

lol, Fiora’s name is ILoveYou

harshfly says:

Lux uninstalled

YoursTruIy says:

Btw you can’t have flash for a level 10 play just saying

Iason Papadakis says:

Dat last one was so unexpectedly…gj rumble :)

123FireSnake says:

this rumble sux as hell, flashin in tzz his ult has an enormous range he could’ve safly drop the ult and engage from the side of the pit easy penta…

seerbiaa says:

Lee whore, everybody gets some :P

Husgum says:

thank you for the video :)

NaamlozeJoey says:

Most of these aren’t even fails, the people in these clips are like lvl 10

MrArnebabe says:

Lux wasn’t a fail… Just lvl 10 plays..

MrArnebabe says:


Edvard Degerfelt says:

Been with you jitp. All the way from 5000 subscribers if not less. Keep going! I will stay with you no matter what kind of top fails u make <3

TheOperative13 says:

shut up and take my thumbs!

Div1nePiece says:

JITP, hi again.

Shoutcast the same way you talk. No point in exaggerating it.
Sorry if you find this offensive, I think you will benefit off this as well.

Cheers :)

darkness1x says:

Lux clip gave me a cancer

ETEMember says:

Let go JumpInThePack best you tuber ever!

hans günther says:

fucking op passive zac

888martis says:


kronos368 says:

Good guy rumble.

Axemption says:

Everytime i watch your videos, i feel better that there are more worst players than me. ;)

Samalicious27 says:

44 :p

Jargalsaikhan Erdenesaikhan says:


Junior Menezes says:

45 hu3

Vinh Nguyen says:

46 XP

TheGlogingBrit says:

47 :)

hhmha1997 says:

48 xD

Bryan Della says:

we totally enjoyed it JITP thank you very much

morten iversen says:

“A WILD TEEMO APEARS” U have Playe’d Pokemon U bastard!

thomas eros says:

49 :D

Mohammad Zain bin Nadeem says:

More like 96%

FreeRpSeason3 says:

Free rp on my channel! Enjoy! :)

SuperJumper64 says:

The Sion in the Bonus Fail is a Friend of me xD

Stauros131 says:


xXxResonancExXx says:

congratulation for the 100 episodes! i watch it every day and laught every day :D good work and keep it like this, Lucas from argentina ;)

PolakLad says:


Sam Polis says:

51 and btw 83 [*]

AscendancyLF says:

52 ^.^

DrVolts1 says:

ovie is killing it lately

flavien41 says:

53 ?

Beiso nopassin says:

dat lux

SweKillz99 says:

Op Jax 6.07

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