Top Funny Bodybuilding Commercials

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Ross Buckle says:

How do you get the top comment?

Benji says:

Back in the day when Kali was an aesthetic body builder. Now he’s an uggly
mass freak.

JT O'Connor says:

That commercial actually makes planet fitness look really bad

ImthatNiggathatbreaksinyourhouseandstealsyourcereal says:

Kali should do a japanese commercial lmao

NickFitness14 says:

Subscribe to me if you are intrested

scatman27o says:

Kali speaking german is the funniest thing ive seen in a while LOL

Nikita Davidov says:

2:08 what the girl in green shorts? 

Kali Muscle says:
Bora Koc says:

Mann, Ich liebe es dich Deutsch sprechen zu hören.

Young1Bloodz says:

Funniest thing was at 1:11 the left side had no plates lol..

4iamu says:

Good job, Kali! You appear to be very humble and personable in these

sumopub says:

Congrats, KM. You should be proud!

revanth sai says:

why does a black man need tan? #godaddy add

Pwnoyboy says:

Wow what a coincidence that all the best bodybuilding videos have Kali
Muscle in it!!! 10/10 Ign

Freddie Gough says:

1:10 deepest squat Kali’s ever done

chad likens says:

Planet fitness is so pussy

Cristian Salinas says:

That was funny

Sabrinaa Lopez says:

Lol that was funny. Ahhh Kali so funny:) I’d let you do what you want with

Cougar Rawr says:

everything was very funny but the planet fitness one made me angry tho fock
that no-gains gym

oe says:

OMG FUCKING AWESOME!!! I love it. Kali makes great comercials he should a
halo comercial.

Steffen Flindt says:

Last one? Haha :D

Dre Gwapo says:

Oh shit that traffic commercial was ️Cali lol

Luke Garrett says:

This guy is funny 

ICE Starboy says:

Omg… Kali got a commercial with Gieco and taco bell…. Congrats dude.
Didn’t know you were so big in the business 

chad likens says:

I lold at the taco bell one

Luca T4 says:

Ha ha, awesome! Good work, Kali. All the best goin’ forward, brother!

The chosen 1 says:

Wheres the KFC one?

Thanos says:

Kali looking like a man who sells watches and donuts at the beach. Just an
average day

Inspire Me says:

so much juice in this video, my testicals shrank

willhelm94 says:

2nd one’s the best. You’re awesome Kali!

Mt Bicepulous says:

Them legs though in the first commercial, I’ve seen chickens with more mass
on their quads 

Rick Obama says:

Those pussies at planet fitness never fail to make me laugh xD

uhu jhaman says:


An Tran says:

Listen to Terry!!!!! He really sounds like Arnie 

Stephen3482RD says:

Why would a man want all that muscle…the women dont like it…they love
it lol!!!

Icewave1000 says:

Train and drain bro. Train the body. Drainthesesuckasbankaccounts

Scumerican says:

Kali is laughing all the way to the bank lol

Dre Gwapo says:

I didn’t know you was in all these bro

Joneejone says:

Kali Muscle going for that tan.

Seany Worny says:

Urhh, Bodybuilding is so gay

nvidiaforgames says:

What about the Mars Bars one????

InfraStricture says:

Nooo, not Planet Fitness.

BroScientist says:

@1:16 Tina Chandler ! 

Hamza Ghulam says:

that was funny kali lool

Het-Heru Anjoe says:


Dario Novello says:

lol :D 

Rambo Red says:

why does a black man need tan. #godaddy ad

MushKilleur says:

Haha you crack me up Kali great video.

Obey My Nuts says:


Matheus Oliveira says:


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