Ultimate Basketball Fails Compilation || March Badness by FailArmy

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Is your bracket busted? Do you hate march madness? Does any of this make sense? Either way we’ve collected some of our best basketball fails for your viewing pleasure. Shit dunks, broken baskets…

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FailArmy says:

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MatStar says:

And now for only 5.99$ you can get the explosive basketball! Its great for
terrorisr attacks! [may not be used as a basketball]

Tom Bushtak says:

The kid at 1:13 actually put in a pretty solid dunk tbh

Josh Bollman says:

Here’s a question:

How many people on here are going to pay $2.99 a month (WITH ads) to watch
videos three days before they are on YouTube, when for years we’ve watched
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Drragon _Slayer says:

+FailArmy You guys should do an ultimate sports fights compilation. 

Video Brain says:

Кайфухи! Кто говорит по-русски – лайк! ;)

FailArmy says:

Quick update on FailArmy U here: http://bit.ly/ChannelUpdate3

Dan Tavis says:

Lol at white people trying to dunk, A for effort though

styx85 says:

Why do they still use glass for the backboards? Can’t they use plexiglass
or some other transparent, unshatterable material? Or at least laminate the
glass so it doesn’t shatter all over when it breaks?

Sharungan J. says:

If Apple made a car

would it have windows?

RiftOut says:

nothing really funny :/

20,000 subs with no videos?! says:

Almost to 20k! <3 Help me with my social experiment?!

chrisbrownish says:

Anyone else notice they were all playing basketball? 

TheSteelEcho666 says:

Not big on basketball, so could someone tell me, when they break the glass,
are they doing it wrong or are the hoops crap?

Ronny Finseth says:

Clearly the baskets are not made for fat Americans

Nocturnal says:

2:28 why did he even reach his foot up there anyways?

El Rocky Raccoon says:

That’s why I don’t play sports.

Daniel Gerber says:

Please do a
Wins that turned into fails montage
PS.greetings from germany 

captainrex717 says:

why in women’s basketball do girls bend over to let other girls stand on
top of them?

MassOreoKiller says:

Sex is like basketball in a way.
In BasketBall: You dribble then shoot.
Sex: You shoot then dribble….Giggitty Giggitty Goo!

ThePaJomaster says:

3:43 looks like the black guy is standing on the white guy lol!

Ferox says:

FailArmy never fails to make me laugh.

KIRITO says:

1:49 Why the heck did the ball explode?

Sepp ert says:

it is funny because most fails were made by white people

Miguel Angel says:

Football (soccer) rules the world.

Fun Time Federation says:

I played basketball my whole life and I always wanted to dunk and
absolutely shatter the backboard. All these people did it like it was the
easiest thing imaginable lol


Thank you FailArmy

Osman Bayindir says:


You Fail At Logic says:

Basketball sucks. Worst sport ever 

Yoav Aghion says:

Do a football sequel as well

Chili Kier says:

The last one. I AM CRYING

Gustavo gaglianone says:

I have ebola and you?

BaSS_FreeZ says:


Jacob Mathew says:

This Is Hilarious!Love you! Thanks A Lot To Keep Us Entertained!

Thomas The Dank Engine says:


Zoroh says:

I don’t always comment

Shmeee says:

can someone explain how the ball blew up? lol

Jessica Howes says:

I don’t get it are they supposed to break the glass on the hoops?

Rosie Moon says:

Kewl Stuff

OvO says:

I don’t know how to say it but ah… the dog just made it. xD

Gabriel Cruz says:


JagWar says:

5:21 Damn it white kid, you are embarrassing our race.

RichformO4-Trans & MLP fan says:

0:25 Who put that there!
0:42 OH!!!!
0:48 heads up
1:00 Oh S@#$
1:50 POW!!!
2:00 LOL loved that
2:33 know how to stuck it
3:38 there goes one
3:53 cruuutch!


No Way says:

Hi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Lukáš Hajas says:

FailArmy makes us laugh… and will… ☺

Cyan Danger says:

What’s up with so many basketball fails?

Morgan Benden says:

Hey. I’ve got a question. Can white people wear Jordans? I have my eye on a
pair and my brother told me that Jordans are only for black people and
people who play basketball. Is this true? Sorry if I offended anyone.

1.000 subscribers with no videos? says:

Hey I want to see if it’s possible to reach 1.000 subscribers without
uploading so, sub! I don’t see the big deal as I will never appear on your
sub box. :)

Romain M says:

The dog coming for a poo is awesome :D

John Desper says:

I doubt that you (guys) get permission to show all of these people and you
commercialize these videos, which is illegal, and besides that, you are an
“asshole” for showing people who may not want to be shown. 

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