Ultimate Wins Compilation ✔

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Hey guys, we’ve had a change of heart and will now be running this channel as WinArmy. We just feel like fails are so 2012. We will upload a new win compilation once a year. Hope you enjoy…

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FailArmy says:

Hope you guys enjoyed our yearly win compilation.

Mycaruba says:

Honestly I’d be ok with this change.

glenn stock says:

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▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▼ ◄ ▲ Sorry, dropped my bag
of illuminati..

nathan2000belmonte says:

April fools Mudafukas 

Mr.Master Mann says:

No… this cannot be… people succeeding in doing a stunt or trick?!?

Jamie T. Stuff says:

Man, this couldn’t be April fools, could it? ;)

FailArmy says:

Talked to some reporters early this morning… looks like everyone is
onboard w/ the new direction of the channel: Read the article here:

Chris P says:

My brain is confused. I keep thinking they will fail but the fail never

Professor Cliffaconda says:

wait so there will be no more fails posted anymore cause this was the only
channel that posted different fails not just repeated ones?

Raven Karns says:

>april 1st
>channel change
something smells fishy

popsicles4fun says:

Does this have something to do with april fools?

Emma Cox says:

You all should do a “50/50″ type deal where you mix in fails and wins into
one video. That way it’s unpredictable what’s going to happen.

Ferox says:

The music kinda ruined the video.

Zach Peraud says:

plot twist: the aprils fools prank is acually people thinking this is an
april fools prank. when in reality its legit

Rory Fitzpatrick says:


Pentronix says:

Surprisingly I found it nice to see people succeed at once.

MassOreoKiller says:

As the great Charlie Sheen would say- “Winning”

99MChrisp99 says:

More videos like this pease!

JandJ Creative Art says:


MrMint says:

I wish this wasn’t yearly, because this was extremely entertaining.

Alexander Riebold says:

Who would also like to watch a 360 degree video by Failarmy? :)

LeMar Owensby says:

Lol like 2hours ago this only had 301 views OMG 6k now lol holy shit watch
by the end of the day there will be like 100k or more!!

1multikentish says:

NO PLEASE DO FAIL VIDEOS!! i thought u were jking cos april fools :(
cme on fail videos are funnier!

Bad Boy Bubby says:

How to make a internet fight…



ShoesN Sock says:

This time fail army have failed 

ellisbud222 says:

This should be once a month, not once a year. If that’s the plan, then
defiantly extend the video next time. 

Sebastian Deyzel says:

I liked the video just because of the Thumbnail, I didn’t even see the
video yet

Arc Cork says:

This was epic!!! :-) 

Daniel Kaf says:

Is it Joke?

airsoftgamer says:

What video editor do you use and how much did it cost

Eight Thoughts says:

I prefer Fails. These Wins make me feel insufficient. 

DominoDude1900 says:

Dang, I wish this wasn’t an April Fools joke. I love wins!

Brice Striker says:

Ur back!

Nathan Seidenberg says:

Can’t they do one video is win, and the next video is fail? I love fail
army I have bought there fail army merchandise. Now what do U do with it?
This sucks.

Hoffmann Andre says:

The Musik Sounds like Shit 

Tyriq Khalil says:

I wish this was a thing.

Gustavo Aguirre says:

WinArmy = April´s Fool prank???

Roby Meloni says:

Es mas divertido ver gente golpearse.

max arden says:

Never before seen footage of people winning on failarmy

David Robertson says:

Good April Fools prank guys…

Jay Mondeo says:

Whatever way fail army goes i’ll always be a fan as if it’s win or fail
both are interesting for me. One’s funny another one’s admirable. Thank You
FailArmy for a wonderful job – for making me laugh. Happy fools day guys

Derpy OTTER says:

What happened to fails :(

Ix aR says:

So far, its one of the best compilation. What a pity they won’t make more
wins compilations.

XardionZ says:

To be honest; I’d be fine with a Win Compilation on April 1st every year.
We’ve seen so much fail, it’s a nice change up to see that there are also
really awesome moments out there.

Speedkingfox0007 says:

Ironically your best video

Alicia Beauty Queen says:

I HATE THIS! FAILS ARE WAYYY BETTER! Although I have like it. It is good
for a change and sometimes I could easily go back to the old videos!

Jaiden mcrae says:


Slim Dawg says:

This was a nice brake from all the “Ouch, my balls!”-videos. Good job, you

ryan bellie says:

FailArmy! Make a another channel called PassArmy!
U can try a another name also :|

Ben Collins says:

Can u change logo back

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