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An incredibly fun Mega Casino Bonus from Viva Monopoly. Not a huge win, but considering how entertaining it is and that it happened on only my second spin, I was pleased nonetheless. ▻ Please…

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gertjan van der meij says:

second spin ? so you started with 88,70 ?

Desirae Krogman The Best Slot Hits says:

great bonus. one of my favorites!

Slot Machine Videos by DProxima says:

Nice win one a usually tough bonus…fun game!

SDGuy1234 Slot Machine Videos says:

well done!

Renee X says:

fun bonus 

BrentWolgamott says:

One of my FAVORITE games!!!! :-D

The Shamus Of Slots Super Slot Fan Site says:

That’s a fun one. Nice!

Becksterca says:

That’s a really fun bonus to watch….congrats!

TheJbeau23 says:

Played this at the Venetian and wasn’t half as fun! Good job

thrillerb15 says:

outstanding win lol

Huss417 says:


Simon Clark says:

Certainly the bonus was entertaining but it just seemed that that was the
machine in a good mood so would have hoped for a bigger pay. I guess the
bonus may be slightly more frequent as a result?

Thelma Louise says:

Loved it !! A lot of fun. 

VegasWildCards says:
Michele SlotsandtheCity says:

I love your vids.. You hold the camera steady, it’s clear, you don’t
talk… PERFECT!!!!!!

Davy Rocket says:

Watched this a few times. Very nice win. Love how they rock the slots.
Too funny.

Simon Clark says:

I’m sorry but that looks horrible. On the surface that was a far better
than average bonus, loads of community chest hits, yet it still only paid
around 50x stake. Ugly.

puttijack says:

I love this game. Thanks for sharing!

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