nintendo and lofi II

Part I out now! https://youtu.be/AvhplYM46Fc
Part III out now! https://youtu.be/UkjFV-66E2c
Part IV out now! https://youtu.be/9W9Wg_bp0ns

another 15 chill lofi and chillhop songs from different nintendo series. please check out the artist's soundcloud accounts below!

00:00 kenkura - lazy evenings (animal crossing)
02:35 andreas zoeller - eterna forest (pokemon)
05:18 cvx - beneath the mask (persona)
08:59 aequh - tomorrow (silent hill)
11:49 silasisdead - no eyes (chrono trigger)
15:37 redhead - tempo (donkey kong)
17:40 bknapp - phantom of the rose (secret of mana)
19:10 wxxds - city folk (animal crossing)
20:37 jtbs - rupee bag (legend of zelda)
23:23 bknapp - final destination (smash bros)
25:31 alex - i miss having sleep overs (super mario)
28:26 ext4nt - well earned rest (kirby)
31:08 mewmore - hau'oli city remix (pokemon)
34:21 nintendubs - piranha plant lullaby (super mario)
36:27 mewmore - kefka (final fantasy)

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