Leon Tusk Space Trip. Original Music by Atomic Elephant. LoFi Hip Hop, Chill Beats, Mars, SpaceX

Come on a Space Trip to Mars with Leon Tusk in this LoFi original music video by Atomic Elephant. These Chill Beats are great for your LoFi Study Music playlist, Coffee Shop playlist and Cafe Lounge Music playlist.

Take a LoFI Space Journey with Leon Tusk, a LoFi Hip Hop voyager, who on his first mission, reaches Mars, where he discovers LoFi artist "Atomic Elephant." Sponsored by Musical Incense, and waiting for the Covid pandemic to subside on Earth, Atomic Elephant has been touring our galaxy and performing to sold out crowds. Subscribe to the Musical Incense channel and listen to Atomic Elephant's LoFi Hip Hop and Chill Beats from the safety of your own room. Join our community and join Leon Tusk on his Space Trip to Mars and in future travels.

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Please enjoy some of the best, fresh LoFi Music for Studying, LoFi Hip Hop, Chill Beats, Coffee Shop LoFi and Cafe Lounge Music by our new artist, Atomic Elephant. Relax, study or just simply nourish your brain. These tracks were curated with the intent of providing our community with music to help you unwind, focus, meditate or just add some chill vibes to your day or evening.

We've created our Musical Incense YouTube Channel with great love and joy. Our goal is to bring peace and quiet to your heart and mind, to help alleviate stress, to bring soothing music to maximize optimal and mindful meditation, to help you study, to help comfort you, to help you detox from negativity, to help your healing process, to help you unwind from a long day and to aid our listeners in achieving a deep and restful sleep. Our music creators are award winning composers who have and continue to generously dedicate extraordinary amounts of time to help us attain our goal. We love what we do.

Thanks for listening to our relaxing sleep and meditation music! Introduce yourself to the Musical Incense community in the comments section and let us know where on our wonderful planet you’re listening from. Peace and Love, Musical Incense.

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