Marvel's Avengers – PlayStation Advantage Video | PS4

Reassemble for Marvel's Avengers on PlayStation including:
• Exclusive access to an original, Crystal Dynamics take on Spider-Man as a DLC character and content in 2021
• Exclusive community challenges*
• Early access to legendary outfits**

Embrace your powers on September 4th. Pre-order Marvel's Avengers and get early beta access† starting August 7th.

* Challenges available monthly, and exclusive until September 2021.
** Legendary Outfits, when available, can be purchased by PlayStation users through the in-game store 30 days prior to other platforms.
† Beta, when available, will launch seven days prior on PS4™ to other platforms. Actual platform availability and launch date(s) of the beta subject to change. Internet access, account for PlayStation Network, and Square Enix Members account required.
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