Pharaoh PC Games Evolution 1999 - 2021 [4K]

This is not just an Evolution Video of All Pharaoh Games... it's a tribute to the series! In 4 minutes you'll see every Pharaoh graphics, music and gameplay changes through the years! Enjoy the timeline (better in 4K)

Pharaoh Games ranked in order of their release

00:00 Intro
00:07 Pharaoh (1999) PC
01:44 Cleopatra Queen of the Nile (2000) PC
03:45 Pharaoh: A New Era (2021) PC

Developer: Impressions Games
Publisher: Sierra
Genre: City Building
Mode: Single-Player

Original Game Staff

Producers: Ken Parker, Greg Sheppard
Designers: Chris Beatrice
Artists: Darrin Horbal, Heidi Mann, Mike Malone
Writers: Lisa Gagnon
Composers: Henry Beckett, Keith Zizza
Music Credits

♪ Pharaoh OST – Main Theme ♪
♪ Pharaoh OST – Khepera ♪


Video Edited by Films And Bits (Chus García)
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