Where Did She Go | The Vice Owl

The Vice Owls LSD fuelled nightmare ends cathartically with him imagining her dead and in hell.

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Team Malsons:

● Founder & CEO: Shivam Malhotra
● Chief Operating Officer: Riya Majumdar
● A&R Manager: Suyash Neema
● Creative Lead (Music): Poet Shaf
● Media Head: Jai Shankar
● Media Assets Manager: Amit Chakraborty
● PR Agent: Kush PR
● Music Team: Shivam Jindal, Aman Mediratta
● Distributor: Believe India
● Legal: Desai & Partners
● CA: Anil Sekhri & Company


●Composer: The Vice Owl
●Singer: The Vice Owl
●Lyricist: The Vice Owl
●Mix: The Vice Owl
●Master Beau Vallis
●Music Producer : The Vice Owl


●Featuring: Larissa Martins
●Director: The Vice Owl
●DOP: Kush Chabria
●Editor: Kush Chabria
●Camera : Kush Chabria
●Lights: Guarav Verma (MAD studios)
●Make up: Shivika Dewan


I’ve seen you drown before
I know I let you down before
My love
And I used to hate your sound before
So I turned you down for her
My love

Now I miss you more than ever
Ouu baby It’ll last forever
I can see you lookin at me with those hurt filled eyes

And I am looking up towards the skies
Tryna to find you my love
Where did you go?

She’s f***ing dead
And I can’t seem to face it
No more
She’s f***ing dead
And I miss her f***ing bed
Even more

Where did you go?
Oh baby I need some more
Of your love

Did he send you up or down?
Yeah I need some indication
Why did you play me so hard?
Didn’t know your heart could be this dark
Yeah I know you went down
Down to hell where you belong

She’s f***ing dead
And I can’t f***ing face it
No more
Yeah she’s f***ing dead
And I miss her f***ing bed
Even more

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